As the Director of Administration and Operations at TBainand Co, LLC, Shelly is a driven and compassionate business professional with a strong and progressive background in all aspects of business administration and operations. She is dedicated to establishing high standards of practice, fostering open communication within and between departments, and enhancing productivity and efficiency across various environments. She also plays a crucial role in implementing necessary changes to programs and policies in collaboration with corporate leadership, resulting in increased efficiency at all levels of the business.

Shelly’s educational journey is rooted in experiential learning, an active and hands-on process characterized by a continuous cycle of inquiry, reflection, and analysis. Her experiences highlight her ongoing knowledge growth, reflecting her professional evolution from where she started to where she is today and where she aspires to be in the future. Her fierce ambition, coupled with her eagerness for continuous growth and genuine enthusiasm for her work, completes her well-rounded development.

With over 15 years of experience in high-level administration and operations, Shelly is renowned for her exceptional organizational skills and a proven track record of successfully managing multiple projects concurrently. She thrives in fast-paced and collaborative environments, stating, “Business is always changing—always evolving—and I enjoy being at the forefront of transforming a simple idea into a successful reality.”

When faced with an empty nest after years of dedicated focus on her children and their activities, Shelly redirected her extra time toward her professional life. Driven by a deep desire to make a meaningful impact in the world and be recognized for her value, she seeks to create positive, inclusive, and diverse work environments within the workforce. Her goal is to contribute to positive change in the workplace for all individuals.

Outside of her professional responsibilities, when Shelly isn’t busy at her keyboard or on client calls, she cherishes moments spent with her large and ever-growing family. Together, they create memories and uphold cherished traditions passed down from her mother, which she intends to pass on to her children. She firmly believes that “traditions are the stories that families write together” and encourages everyone to fill their pages with enduring stories that will be remembered for generations.