Image of Gia Combs

Gia Combs

Assistant Director of Mission Advancement, Family Scholar House 

Family: Mom Valerie Combs and Dad Greg Combs

By Carrie Vittitoe | Photo by Kylene White

Young adulthood is a busy and stressful time, and Gia Combs is in it. She is attending graduate school and working at Family Scholar House where she began as a community outreach coordinator. Like so many young adults, she is trying to figure out what the rest of her life might look like. Her original goal was to go into therapy, but now she is considering a move into social work.  

 What are the challenges of what you’re doing, whether it is working or going to school? 

I’m used to being super busy; I don’t really know how to relax. What was challenging for me was not having a break, going from undergrad straight into a master’s and working. Did I jump into it too quickly without thinking about all the different avenues I have? There’s a lot of pressure to know exactly what you want to do as you graduate college.  

What do you find rewarding about your life at this point? 

Being able to connect with my community and its members on a completely different level. Working for this nonprofit and getting to connect our participants, people who could be potential participants, and different organizations we partner with. It’s given me a different perspective of what is out there and what services we have to offer overall in Louisville. It’s been incredible seeing different problems firsthand and being able to have an impact, whether it is big or small. 

What are you starting to figure out about yourself?  

I’m learning to not limit myself or think that I have to be on this one straight and narrow path. [I’m learning to] not be so critical of myself.  

Who is a celebrity you admire? 

 Zendaya. She inspires me in a lot of ways. First, she is a fashion icon, and I look up to her in that way. I admire that she doesn’t limit herself or let people keep her in a box. She has broken out of [the Disney Channel box] and taken advantage of so many projects and expanded herself. She’s really grown in her abilities and developed her skill. I admire her authenticity; she is unapologetically herself. She’s got quite the range. 

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 

I would like to have my master’s for sure. I’m really enjoying the path I’m on, so if they would have me, I’d love to see how far I can move up in the nonprofit world where I’m at. If there were no limits at all, I would love to be traveling the world. I wanted to be a flight attendant for a while like my mom.  

Which room is your favorite in your apartment and why? 

I love my bedroom now. I’ve really been into nudes and cooler shades of brown and pink. I’m really into textures so I have to have fuzzy pillows and ones with different designs. I like to have art on the wall. I have a vanity which is my favorite thing in the world. It’s made out of mirrors. I have to have a fuzzy chair in the corner. Ideally, I’d like to have some plants. Candles are essential. Fuzzy rugs and big windows with some natural light.  

What is a time suck in your life but gives you guilty pleasure? 

I have watched Grey’s Anatomy and How to Get Away with Murder all the way through multiple times which is kind of scary considering how many seasons there are. I can plant myself on the couch and just watch the whole thing. Either that or shopping.  

What is your favorite type of physical activity? 

Hot yoga. I love it, even though I really don’t like being hot. I enjoy the Zen environment; it’s peaceful and allows me to clear my head. I push myself a lot to achieve the poses; I’m really competitive.