Image of Keisha Dorsey

Keisha Dorsey

Councilwoman District 3, Louisville Metro Council

Family: Mother Stella Dorsey and dog Mimi Louise 

By Carrie Vittitoe | Photo by Kylene White

Keisha Dorsey, who has a master’s in public health, left her position as strategic consultant VP at Humana to become Louisville Metro Councilwoman of District 3, an area that encompasses the city of Shively and six neighborhoods, including Parkland and Algonquin. Even though positions on Louisville Metro Council are part-time, the workload is not part-time. Keisha’s days are spent dealing with constituent concerns, having meetings with various community members and leaders, and riding through her district to see what is happening and where improvements need to be made. While her job on the Council is to discuss, debate, and pass legislation, she has taken on the extras because she feels it is her responsibility.  

What are some of the issues that are important to you? 

One of the things I love to champion is home ownership and development in this area. When you have high rentership, it makes it difficult for a lot of investment because your population is transient. As much as we need affordable housing, if you own in a part of the city where there’s a low concentration of ownership, what amenities do you think you’re going to be a beneficiary of? Very little. So why would you want to continue to live in the area? We talk about affordable housing but we don’t talk about placement. 

What have you learned about yourself through the work you’re doing now? 

It’s overrated to be strong. I have to tell myself ‘It’s OK to get tired and give yourself a break.’ That’s been the hardest lesson for me — to know when to stop. My phone rings nonstop. The question is, ‘When do you stop?’  

Who is a non-related woman who has been an inspiration to you? 

Mattie Jones. I think about what she gave for the city. Her job was activism on behalf of African Americans. But who paid the bills? So many of us have benefited from her sacrifice. She is the archetype of Black civil rights leaders who have given so much. We owe our leaders so much. 

If you could join any past or present musical group, which would you be part of and why? 

SWV (Sisters With Voices). They just seemed to have a really great chemistry. I love their music. I could probably join any 90s girl band: Brownstone, TLC, Spice Girls. I just love the vibe. There was something so empowering about women’s music. Women were rocking the mic in the 90s.  

If you go to a party, where will we find you? On the dance floor? At the bar? In a room alone reading? 

In the middle of the dance floor. If it’s boring, I’ll still be talking to people in the corner. I work hard, but I play hard.  

What items do you always use that you cannot substitute? 

Clorox cleaning wipes. After COVID, me and Clorox cleaning wipes have become really good friends. Really, I love a good lip gloss. I’m a fan of Girlactik; they have jelly lip glosses. They are super shiny and soothing.  

After a busy day doing council work, how do you unwind and relax? 

I have frankincense hand serum that I put on my hands/feet every night. I put my hands in gloves. It’s something that’s nice and feminine.  

What is something you collect and why? 

Every place I go I find myself getting a mug or a t-shirt. I do all kinds of things with t-shirts. I’ll cut them and make crop tops. Or I’ll redesign them and put ties in them. I love tea so my nighttime routine is to check my emails with a cup of hot tea. That’s how I end my day. 

Who is someone who makes you belly laugh? 

My legislative assistant, Keturah. She has a fairly even-keel personality, but she has an undercurrent sense of humor. Every now and then, she’ll catch me off guard, and it will take me over. Sometimes at the worst time. If she sees me laughing, she’ll keep going.