Image of Sydney Anthony

Sydney Anthony

Director, Event Sales — Live Nation Special Events: Louisville Palace, Mercury Ballroom & Bogart’s  

Family: Husband Matt Anthony

By Carrie Vittitoe | Photo by Kylene White

At the moment, Sydney Anthony is a one-woman seller and executor of events at Louisville Palace and Mercury Ballroom here in Louisville and Bogart’s in Cincinnati. What this means is that she is busy and into lots of different activities each day. She customizes proposals, goes on site visits, talks to clients and vendors, and looks ahead to the future to drive business. One of the best aspects of her position is creating memories for herself and others that revolve around music and entertainment and being an ambassador for the iconic Louisville Palace. 

What are the challenges of your role and how do you deal with it? 

Finding the time in the day to get everything done. In the past 5-10 years, I’ve realized getting up earlier and earlier to knock out personal things [helps with] ‘creating’ a few more hours in the day.  

What have you learned about yourself through your professional experiences? 

One thing I’ve recently learned is the value of rest. I turned 40 in February, and I have always been ready to hit the ground running. I go at 150 miles an hour, 99.9% of the time. I’m starting to realize that it does catch up with you. Maintaining a rest/work balance has been really important. I’ve learned that I thrive in chaos. I’m also motivated by making others feel loved and happy.  

How did you land in this industry? 

In college, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do, [but] I have always been interested in art and music. My first gainfully employed job was at Glassworks selling art glass. I would watch the events director, Kelly Dunker.  She eventually put in her notice, so I approached the owner and said I’d love to be considered for the position. They told me no mainly because I didn’t have any experience. I don’t know how I mustered the courage to do this but I said ‘How about you give me six months?’ Here we are 16 years later.  

What does hospitality mean to you? 

It’s creating a comfortable space and/or memorable experience for guests, vendors, or strangers. It’s also anticipating needs by paying attention to every detail and ensuring that you’ve exceeded all five sensory expectations. 

How do you manage details when you can’t spend too much time on it because of all the moving parts of creating an event? 

There’s a basic template. What’s the theme? What does the music sound like? The food? Lighting? Then you get into the minutiae, [and] that’s where your delegating skills and leadership skills come into play. It’s almost a game or puzzle of sorts. 

What traits do you admire in others and what traits do you dislike? 

Empathy and open-mindedness. I have the utmost respect for anyone that can put themselves in other people’s shoes without judgment. One thing that drives me nuts is people that are late without any type of communication.   

What have been some memorable events or concerts you’ve planned? 

Putting together the Trifecta Gala After Party featuring P. Diddy within two weeks of the event date. Something fell through with their previous venue engagements. I was approached two weeks before the event was to take place. We did everything at the front of house. We’re talking pulling off production, creative logistics, artists hospitality, ticketing, and marketing. That was a whirlwind experience. [Another] was hands-down Prince. Being within 50 feet of such a legend was unreal. 

What words would your friends use to describe you? 

Loyal, funny, and a badass. 

What is something you carry with you at all times? 

Hand sanitizer, always. That’s amped up more so in recent years.  

What three living or deceased musical acts would you want to see if you could? 

Otis Redding for his soulful delivery. Janis Joplin inspired me to be a fierce, original woman and James Brown. You don’t stop dancing when you’re listening to that man.