Image of Tiffany Ramos Cardwell

Tiffany Ramos Cardwell

HR Advisory Principal, MCM CPAs & Advisors HR Solutions Group 

Family: Husband Shawn, two children Ryan and Haley, and dog King

By Carrie Vittitoe | Photo by Kylene White

Tiffany Ramos Cardwell began her professional life at TransUnion in Chicago, Illinois, and followed it with time at Humana, Papa John’s, and Signature Healthcare in Louisville. These companies gave Tiffany unique experiences in sales, international business development, and acquisitions and mergers, which now help her in her consulting role at MCM. While these skills are essential to her 9-5 work, they have also proved valuable to her long-time volunteer efforts where she strives to build relationships. She is a lifelong learner who takes what she learns to improve the professional and personal lives of others.  

What does your day-to-day work entail? 

I don’t do anything internally with MCM; I work on a lot of projects with outside clients. Some of them can be starting up a company and going to need human resources but have no idea what to do. Or a large company that just needs some help. Sometimes it’s a merger and acquisition of a company.  

What is your human resources specialty? 

Compensation is probably my expertise area. I figure out how to pay people — base pay, benefits, and the work environment.  

What did you major in during college? Did you intend to go into human resources? 

My major was in medieval literature. I was fascinated with languages so I minored in French as well. I was born in the Philippines and didn’t know how to speak English. [After college] I thought I was going to law school [and] clerked for an attorney. I was deciding whether to go to law school or business school. He said, ‘Do you really want to go? Your first several years will be research in the back of a room. I just can’t see you in the back of a room.’  For graduate school, I did end up with a Master of Science in Industrial Relations, Global HR Management.  

What are the challenges of your position? 

The biggest challenge is that people are going to be so different from each other depending on the work they do and their values/beliefs. Part of what I’ve developed is being able to read people well and have them be comfortable with me.  

What local organizations are you or have you been involved in? 

Kentucky Society for Human Resource Management, Louisville Society for Human Resource Management, Louisville Compensation Association, Northwestern University’s Alumni Admissions Council & Ambassador Program, local American Lung Association, regional Lung Association Board, Lincoln Heritage Foundation, Greater Louisville Inc, Kentucky Chamber, and Worksite Wellness Council of Louisville. I love that [I was nominated] in community and sisterhood. Mentorship and giving back are passions of mine.  

What is your favorite number and why? 

Number 10. It was my high school number for volleyball, basketball, and softball. I was all-state for all three.  

Which sport were you strongest in? 

Definitely volleyball. I still play on two sand volleyball teams. I’m a setter and a digger. I love when someone spikes at me. That sounds crazy, but nothing feels better than someone who creams the ball thinking, ‘No way anyone is gonna get there.’  

Are you an appetizer or dessert person? 

Appetizer. Everything from seviche to sushi to lumpia.  

What do you wear when you want to feel really comfy? 

Sweats and a sweatshirt with a warm fuzzy lining in it. Workout clothes.  

What is your superpower? 

I probably sleep in 4-5 hour increments. I just get a burst of energy from doing that. I’ve always been like this. 

What is a social activity you really enjoy? 

I’m a huge concert person. I go to a lot of music festivals. I have a group of girlfriends that travel for food, concerts, and wine. Last year we went to Vegas for a concert called Life is Beautiful. We’ve been to Coachella.  

What words best characterize you? 

Caring, passionate, spontaneous, and curious.