By Alissa Hicks

Top available at Colonial Designs, 3712 Lexington Rd, 502.896.4461, $37; Shorts available at Colonial Designs, $33;
Hat by Jan Wutkowski,  $450. Photos by Melissa Donald 

Deciding what to wear to a Derby party all comes down to the time of day and location of the party. Here are a few easy outfit ideas worth trying.

If you’re attending a Derby celebration that begins in the morning with a mimosa bar and a light breakfast, dress for the fun day ahead by going more casual with some flare. If it’s going to be a long day, opt for a cute pair of sandals or flats and perhaps a romper or jumpsuit instead of a dress. Derby is the time to go bright, bold, and have some fun wearing an outfit that might be a little out of your comfort zone. This light blue, two-piece set is playful and comfortable for a full day of festivities.

If you’re heading to a Derby party that begins in the afternoon and lasts into the evening, then now is the time to glam up a spring dress with a pair of wedges or a hat. Derby is one of the rare occasions you can get away with wearing a fancy headpiece, so why not? If you’re not comfortable wearing a large hat, try a smaller fascinator. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, try making your own fun fascinator.

Dress available at Monkee’s of Louisville 3624 Brownsboro Rd, 502.897.1497. $152; Hat by The MacHatter, $220.

We’re loving this pink tweed dress paired with this floral hat. Derby brings out the Southern belle in us all.

Dress available at Boutique Serendipity 3706 Lexington Rd, 502.423.0058, $198; Flats available at Modern Elegance, 3921 Chenoweth Square, 502.883.4721, $62; Hat by Headcandi, $698.

Comfort on a long day is key, so try a standout pair of flats like these floral ones and a swing dress that will provide mobility and style for any party occasion.

Have you already picked out your Derby outfit? What will you be wearing?