Stop the Busy: Live An Intentional Life

“How you doing?” I asked. “So busy,” she immediately responded. I asked another employee: “How’s it going?” “Crazy busy!” she said. I asked a third person the same question: “Good, but very busy.” These three responses made me realize that I too have used my busyness...

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Kickin’ ALS

 Carrey Dewey had a valiant battle with ALS. As soon as she was diagnosed, Carrey decided to keep a journal of her journey - to help other ALS patients and families - which she shared with thousands of followers. When she died, her father Joe Robinson, and her...

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Fitness Challenge – Cindy Baerny

Cindy Baerny has found her “zen,” as she refers to it, through running.  “I do my best thinking when I’m running,'' she says. As a longtime runner, she  keeps herself challenged by including new routes, training for races, and participating in local running clubs. As...

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