A Louisville Heart

Abica Dubay brings her life lessons from L.A. back to Louisville to help individuals and the community through YOGAST8. Abica Dubay, owner of YOGAST8 (pronounced Yoga State), is a woman with a self-proclaimed “L.A. soul and a Louisville heart.” She is pouring that...

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What Are You Grateful For?

Briania Nicole Davis, MSMFT, and the owner of Open Arms Wellness, a private mental health practice that focuses on anxiety, depression, trauma, and mood disorders, says gratitude is essential to our lives because “it helps focus the mind on the things we do have...

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We Must Keep Swimming

So often we think of ourselves as freestanding and in charge, because we have the simple blessing of being able to go where we want. But we are as rooted as shrubs and trees and flowers, in an unseen soil that is everywhere. It’s just that our roots move. Certainly,...

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