By Megan M. Seckman

Myra is always on a quest for self-improvement by regularly setting goals. Photos by Sunni Wigginton

The moment you meet her, you like her. She’s friendly, down-to-earth, and perfectly put together. Professionally, she’s organized, driven, and loyal. Myra Rock, 35, is the campus and academic director of the University of Phoenix Louisville Campus, mother of two middle-school-aged boys, and participant in several Leadership Louisville programs, and she has consistently received a promotion every two years of her adult life.

Myra’s key to success relies on a simple practice she does every day “before she goes” out into the world. “Every year, I type up my New Year’s resolutions and tape a copy to my bathroom mirror, hang one in my home office, and put a copy in my memories box,” says Myra, looking stylish and radiant in the afternoon sun at Garage Bar. “I have three categories: health and fitness, financial, and spiritual. When I look at this list in the morning, it gives me focus. I think, ‘What do I need to do today to get one step closer to my goals?’”

For her wardrobe, Myra prefers simplicity and chooses timeless pieces like this outfit she purchased from
White House Black Market. The shoes are from DSW.

Myra claims she’s always been goal-oriented, frugal, and willing to take risks. That is what allowed her to begin the upward climb from her humble beginnings in Munfordville, Kentucky, where the average family income was $16,500. She was born the fifth of six children and married her high school sweetheart from the same town, then followed him to Germany after her freshman year of college.

In Germany, on her husband’s Air Force base, she started working an entry-level job for minimum wage at the youth center. Within five years, she had earned her degree from the University of Maryland in Europe and became the director of that program. “Jeremy and I killed it [in Germany]!” Myra says. “He became Airman of the Year, I was Civilian of the Year, and we managed to have both our boys there.”

Myra then traveled to Nashville when her husband left the service and began working in higher education. Soon, she was recruited by the University of Phoenix Louisville Campus to become an admissions adviser and decided to move her family to Louisville so she could complete her MBA through the university for free (a perk of the new job).

“I am extremely loyal in everything I do — I even wear the same Clinique face powder that I first borrowed from one of my sisters as a teenager,” Myra says. “Loyalty, a solid work ethic, and learning not to complicate things help me remain successful. My dad always said, ‘If you’re going to do something, do it right. And do it right the first time.’ That’s what I live by.”

This goal-driven powerhouse always appears classy — and her beauty routine takes no more than 40 minutes each day. For those of us that haven’t quite figured out what works for us, maybe we can take some advice from Myra.

Latest Purchase She’s Praising: I recently bought my first pair of expensive Tiffany sunglasses on a trip in Chicago. Since I’m frugal and a mom, I’m super protective of them, so I keep them in the case in the door of my car. No one is allowed to touch them, and I guarantee I will have them for the rest of my life.

Fashion She’s Wearing: White House Black Market is my professional go-to. For the weekend, I wear Nike and Under Armour athletic skirts with a Meyzeek T-shirt and flip-flops or my tennis shoes from Swag. I’m a loyal consumer, so I find a brand and stick with it. I don’t have a lot of clothes, but I go for a few things that are high-quality and will last a lifetime. My husband’s side of the closet is actually fuller than mine. He’s the diva.

Beauty Product She’s Rocking: I’ve used Clinique face powder and eyeliner since high school. I wear Benefit “They’re Real” mascara, MAC blush, Dolce & Gabbana “Light Blue” perfume, and use the Bath and Body Works “Endless Weekend” or “A Beautiful Day” lotions because I like the names.

Myra’s steadfast determination has played a pivotal role in her success at home and on the job.

Favorite Accessory: I went through a pearl phase, but now I’m into diamonds. I feel naked without my diamond earrings and the wedding ring my husband scrimped and saved for. Since we were poor when we married, I used his mother’s ring; he bought me this one six years later. It’s very special to me.