By Alissa Hicks

Celia and Ryan Arnett with their three dogs, Lola Belle, Mika and Moose.
Photos by Light Life Love  

We all love our pets. They are our constant companions, household entertainment, and it’s no secret that we spoil them more often than we should. Celia Arnett, owner/ lead coordinator of Celia Ann Events and owner of three playful pups, can attest to this. We sat down and chatted with her about pet ownership and the joy these “furbabies” bring to her life.

Celia and her husband Ryan have three dogs — Lola Belle, Mika, and Moose. Lola Belle is a 9-year-old Dachshund, Mika is a 9-year-old Akita, and Moose is a 6-year-old Great Pyrenees mix. Celia and Ryan adopted all three from shelters as puppies. The couple now lives with their pups in a house in Oldham County with a yard plenty big for the dogs to run around.

Celia and Ryan love their pets so much, they made a special appearance on their wedding cake!
Cake by Josh Moore at Volare

What is the story behind each of your pets?
They are all pound puppies. We didn’t go to the shelter looking for a particular breed, but when we saw each of them we just knew that they were ours! With a little discipline and a lot of love, I think they all turned out to be the best companions we could have hoped for.

What would you say is the average amount you spend on your pet needs per month?
Probably right around $100 for the necessities (food, treats, heartworm, and flea preventative).

Have you ever experienced any odd behavior with your pets? If so, how did you fix it?
I think all pets are weird in their own way. We haven’t had anything too crazy, so we just embrace their uniqueness.

How spoiled are your pets? Do you go above and beyond with toys or spoil them with love?
We spoil them with love.

How do your pets get exercise?
Mainly from running around the backyard chasing squirrels and rabbits. We don’t get to take them on as many walks as we would like, but when we do, they love it.

What are your pets’ favorite toys or treats?
Lola Belle loves this stuffed Chick-fil-A cow I brought home from an event (she’s had it for years), Moose is into tennis balls and Mika likes the stuffing-free dog toys.

Where do your pets sleep?
Lola Belle always sleeps in the bed with my husband and me while the big dogs sleep on the floor. If I’m home by myself everybody piles into bed.

Do you crate your dogs?
Absolutely. I feel much safer when I’m gone knowing that my dogs are cuddled up in their home and not getting into something that could hurt them.

How often do your pets see the vet?
We go to Dr. John’s Pet Care Clinic, and let’s just say that we are on a first-name basis! We had a scare with Lola Belle in 2014 and she had to spend a couple days at BluePearl veterinary hospital. BluePearl and Dr. John’s worked together to get our girl healthy again.

How do your pets do with interactions with family and friends?
Moose and Mika love to have visitors. Lots of sniffing and kisses. Lola Belle is pretty attached to me and would be fine if we were the only two residents of the house.

How do your pets interact together?
Moose and Mika play pretty well together since they are about the same size. Lola Belle is a little too small to play with them, but she does love to snuggle with them and give them kisses.

With so many dogs, how do you deal with pet hair in your house?
Ha! It’s everywhere. We own a Dyson vacuum cleaner, but there is only so much you can do when the pets outnumber the humans.

Did you have any of your pets specifically trained or did they go to a dog trainer of some sort?
No dog trainer. Akitas can be pretty aggressive, so Mika was socialized a lot when she was young and is now the sweetest dog you will ever meet. Lola Belle knows how to do a ton of tricks but doesn’t walk so well on the leash. Moose is pretty well behaved, but he is definitely the one that keeps us on our toes.

Who spoils the dogs more? You or your husband?
I think it’s pretty equal, but if you ask him, he would probably say me.

Do your pets have a specific diet?
Professional Plus Lamb and Rice.

Do they eat people food? If so, what kinds?
I try not to give them people food, but if they do get a treat, it is usually leftover protein from dinner (chicken, steak or pork).