By Tiffany White

Kentucky Derby Festival Queen Madison Orman is wearing: Fascinator by Designs by Tony Leon, 502.389.0250, $200; earrings available at Davis Jewelers, $899.

A beautiful, rich tan is the perfect complement to your Derby outfit and makeup. But if you’re searching for an option outside of using a tanning bed, these ideas from Miranda Popp and Alissa Hicks may be another great way for you to get a gorgeous tan.

Miranda Popp
Today’s Woman contributing editor and Mrs. Indiana 2013 winner

Her Choice: Banana Boat’s Summer Color Self-Tanning Lotion in Deep Dark Color

Cost: $8-$10

Why She Likes It: “It’s very affordable, but the best part is that it gives a natural tan color to the skin rather than an orange glow. Self-tanner results can last for five to seven days. It’s best to exfoliate before applying the tanner. I apply it in the evening before bed about once a week. This ensures that the freshly applied tanner doesn’t get rinsed off in rain or sweat during a workout. Plus, the bronzer will be rinsed away in the shower the next morning, and what remains is a beautifully developed, natural-looking tan.”

Tip: “Choose a self-tanner that has a bronzer in it. This will help you know where you’re placing the color, and you won’t miss any spots. The bronzer will rub off on clothing a bit, though. There are tanners out there without bronzers, but if you’re new to using self-tanners, you may not apply it evenly, and you won’t know until the tan has developed. Also, wash your hands and scrub, not just wash, the palms of your hands and in between your fingers with a soapy washcloth after applying the self-tanner.”

Alissa Hicks
Today’s Woman media associate and stylist

Her choice: “I like to use Tan Towel or Jergens Natural Glow body lotion. Or, I will get a professional airbrush tan by Molly Heady at The Spray Salon, 13304 W. US Hwy 42 in Prospect, Kentucky.”

Cost: “You can buy Tan Towels at either Sephora or Ulta or order them online. They cost about $27 for a box of five towels. I buy Jergens lotion at any drugstore for about $10 a tube. When I see Molly at The Spray Salon, it’s $40 for one tan (she also does free touch-ups in case anything goes wrong). She offers different packages you can buy.”

Why She Likes It: “Tan Towels are quick and easy, and they don’t have that sunless tanning smell. However, the Jergens is great for everyday use when you just need a hint of color. It gives good results while being inexpensive. If I need a tan for an event or before going to the beach, I like to see Molly so I know I’m getting a flawless, even tan. I don’t have to worry about looking streaky. Sometimes it’s nice to have a professional’s touch.

“If you’re careful not to exfoliate frequently, one application of a Tan Towel usually lasts about five days before fading. Jergens lotion is about the same. If you shave, exfoliate or sweat often, it can fade quickly, but if you’re applying it repeatedly, you can keep a constant glow pretty easily. My spray tans from Molly usually last a minimum of two weeks before fading.”

Tip: “I try to use sunless tanning products at night before bed on freshly cleaned, dry skin. When using a Tan Towel, I shower, apply one or two towels (depending on if I am covering my entire body or just certain parts), and let dry before going to bed. Tan Towels wipe on clear and take about four to six hours to show results. I apply the Jergens lotion after showering morning or night. When I see Molly for a professional tanning treatment, I go to her in the evening because I can’t really shower, sweat or wear anything but loose clothes for several hours. I look kind of scary as the tan darkens, but when I do shower, the excess comes off and leaves a beautiful and even tan.”