By Jessica Alyea

Part 4 — Kenzie Kapp & Rebecca Vance

Kenzie Kapp 

Hat designers from near and far send us their best creations for our Derby issue. We asked these experts the hat questions you need to know to put your best brim forward this Derby season.

The designers:
Born-and-raised Louisvillian Kenzie Kapp designs hats and fascinators from her studio on Grinstead Drive in Louisville. She also runs summer fashion design camps for kids.

Rebecca Vance not only designs Derby hats in her shop in New Albany, but she also provides alterations and retail that includes handmade articles of clothing and specialty items. She’s been making hats for more than 17 years.

Hat by Rebecca’s Hats, Veils & Accessories, $250.

What is your best advice for wearing or buying a hat?
Kenzie: Look for comfort, mobility, wow factor, and something that flows with your outfit.
Rebecca: Never wear a hat tilted back on your head. Set it flat on your head as you would place a lamp shade on a lamp. Never wear your hat with the brim higher than two fingers above your eyebrow.

Do you have any hair suggestions for certain hats?
Kenzie: A chignon is always a great go-to. You don’t want your hair to distract from your headpiece. You want it all to flow.
Rebecca: Many fascinators look better with hair up. With long hair, bringing hair to the opposite side of the hat decoration balances the look.

How do height and size play into hat choice?
Kenzie: Height does play a role. You don’t want to look like a mushroom. A short woman wearing a hat with a too-wide brim would.
Rebecca: Tall women can carry off big hats better. For smaller stature women, a brim about the width of the shoulders is very attractive.

Does face shape matter?
Rebecca: It can; however, with the new concentric brim and crown shapes (such as high-to-low), many can work, especially if you show your ears to open up your face.

Do certain hats go with certain clothing styles?
Rebecca: Matching clothing styles and hats can be tricky. Fedoras call for basic, tailored jackets, such as pinstripes and Oxfords. Fascinators should match the dress design: fluffy dress, fluffy fascinator. Same for a big hat and a classy designer dress.

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