By Alissa Hicks

Dress available at Apricot Lane, Westport Village 301 Herr Ln #170, 502.708.2823, $49
Shoes available at DSW, 4250 Summit Plaza Dr, 502.423.1490, $60

Stores are filling their racks and windows with bright colors, lighter layers, and the hope of warmer days. To prepare your style for spring, which will no doubt be upon us before we know it, try looking for a few of these trends that are popping up to add to your wardrobe.

The Cold Shoulder (above)
This spring and summer, give your look the cold shoulder for a hot feel. Popping up on the runways and in stores you’ll find flowy dresses and tops baring the shoulders, whether it be an off-the-shoulder look or a shoulder cutout.

Dress available at Blush Boutique, 3745 Lexington Rd, 502.897.7207, $64

Spanish Influences
Add some serious flair to your look this spring and channel your inner matador with red-hot ruffles, 3D floral detailing, and brocade textures. Spicy reds and alluring blacks pair well together for an authentic feel. Dress up a pair of denim or opt for a romántico dress.

Dress available at Blush Boutique, 3745 Lexington Rd, 502.897.7207, $89
Necklace available at Liv Boutique, 3704 Lexington Rd, 502.654.7337, $48

Pretty Little Pleats
It wouldn’t be spring without a few feminine pleats. This year, look for micropleats in a silky or lightweight fabric for a softer feel. Find them in a feminine dress or skirt for spring and summer nights.

Dress available at Nordstrom Rack, 4600 Shelbyville Rd, 502.899.4940, $18
Necklace available at Monkee’s of Louisville, 3624 Brownsboro Rd, 502.897.1497, $125
Dress available at Clodhoppers, 3725 Lexington Rd, 502.891.0079, $243.

Lingerie By Day
Among the runways this year for spring’s hottest trends were traces of boudoir dressing for daytime. We’re gravitating toward slip dresses with trims of dainty lace — a great look when layering for cooler spring nights. We also like balancing the sultry girliness by pairing with unexpected tomboy pieces.

Dress by Camilyn Beth, $285
Necklace available at Colonial Designs, 3712 Lexington Rd, 502.896.4461, $52
Shoes available at Nordstrom Rack, 4600 Shelbyville Rd, 502.899.4940, $40

Dress by Camilyn Beth, $295
Shoes available at Nordstrom Rack, 4600 Shelbyville Rd, 502.899.4940, $54

Romantic Ruffles
We can’t forget this telltale sign of spring. Right up there with florals, ruffles are a trend that never seems to go away. Look for hints of romantic ruffles in a blouse, dress, or the hem of a breezy skirt.