Forget floral prints, color, and sparkle. This minimalist prefers menswear and detailed accessories.
By Keri Foy

Photos by Sunni Wigginton

When I think of Southern beauty, I think of drawling accents and big hats. And, let’s be honest, big hair and tanning beds. When Miranda McDonald thinks Southern style, she visualizes — and steers clear of — colorful patterns and glitz.

So while Miranda’s home sweet home here in Louisville may be considered part of the South, her style tracks above the Mason-Dixon line. She draws inspiration from street style blogs and credits the naming of her own fashion blog, The Chic Street, to those women who take runway style and incorporate it into their everyday looks.

Minimalist: Clean Lines and Natural Beauty
For her 9 to 5 at CafePress as a marketing account manager, Miranda uses accessories to add panache to her look. She keeps her trousers, blazers, and basic tees crisp and clean in neutral tones. “I like androgyny, mixing masculine and feminine together,” she says. Miranda wears leopard-print loafers, fun earrings, or a cool watch to amp up her outfits.

Miranda uses staples and pieces she can mix and match to create a dynamic wardrobe that is also comfortable.

She also rotates bandanas into her looks. “I have two Anchal Project bandanas. I like to find new and interesting ways to tie them around my neck, and I love the story behind the brand. I am a big fan of fashion for a cause or fashion that has a story behind it. I also have a vintage Armani blazer that was given to me after I interviewed a lady at her home for a piece I was working on in my part-time job. I love wearing it because there is a story attached to it.”

Miranda is wearing: Daniel Wellington watch, Anchel Project scarf, Madewell men’s blouse,
ASOS kitten heels and ASOS culottes. 

Miranda’s hair and makeup trek toward the natural look. “I may run a curling iron through my hair sometimes,” she says. “I always wear eyeliner and mascara and usually a lip gloss.”

Since CafePress’ dress code is business casual, Miranda often works in a pair of work-appropriate denim from Madewell or Asos. One staple she can’t do without is a tote. “In everyday life, I can fit so much into a black leather tote,” she says. “I’m always buying new ones because of wear and tear.”

If Miranda needs to meet with a client (such as Warner Brothers, HBO or National Geographic), she usually switches brogues for heels and adds oomph to her look with a bold lip color. While pants are her favorite work attire, she’s been known to wear a midi skirt to a client meeting.

Her favorite clothing retailers include Zara, Express, Urban Outfitters, and American Apparel.

Factoring in Height
Miranda stands at 5-foot, 9-inches tall, so she pays special attention to the length of T-shirts. She’s found that Zara’s T-shirts fit her well. “They’re long enough and tuck in nicely,” she says. She also keeps a lookout for high-waisted trousers or denim.

While Miranda is quick to note that fashion doesn’t have to be expensive, she will have things tailored if she’s made an investment in the piece, such as a blazer from Veronica Beard she likes.

Miranda may be leading the charge of a new crop of Louisvillians who buck the Southern style stereotype. Tell us, are you more attracted to florals and feminine or the masculine side of fashion?