Photos by Melissa Donald

Have you had a chance to see who won our Most Admired Woman voting in the June issue? Their intimate stories may inspire you to make some major changes in your life — or at least give you some inspiration to get you through the day. Here are a few things you won’t find in our print issue.

Melody Welsh-Buchholz, executive director of Louisville Youth Orchestra
Category: Arts
In addition to clarinet, saxophone, and flute, Melody plays the oboe. “We’re known in the business as ‘doublers.’ There are a few of us in town, and we get the calls to play the Broadway shows because those books usually involve several instruments.”

Vicky Weber, senior vice president of business relations & marketing of Kosair Charities
Category: Community/Non-Profits
As a student at the all-girls Assumption High School, Vicky worked at a Burger King she strategically chose because of its location across from the all-boys Trinity High School.

Kim Tharp-Barrie, vice president of Norton Healthcare’s Institute for Nursing
Category: Health/Healthcare
She likes country music and plays guitar. “I took lessons as a young girl. I’m back to playing more now that I’m older and have more time, but I can’t sing at all.”

Crystal Kelly, Bellarmine University women’s basketball assistant coach
Category: Athletes/Fitness
“I’m not good with being hot or being out in nature. Going out of my comfort zone is hard for me, but I’m trying. Recently I went hiking, and I also did the zip line at Mega Caverns. I cried once I got down, but I did it!”

Laura Melillo Barnum, executive director of Yum Brands Foundation and Global Community Investment
Category: Corporate
She has two sisters, both in creative fields. One is an actor in New York City and has her own theater company, and the other is involved in the arts in Florida. “I’m the outlier, the corporate one.”

Mary Ann Dallenbach, owner of St. Matthews Feed & Seed
Category: Home/Homestyle
She loves to travel. “I’ve been to Europe a number of times, and I’ve been fortunate to be able to go to Africa several times. I get a lot of ideas from traveling. If only I could take my own bed and pillow.”

Julene Samuels, plastic surgeon, Owner of A Woman’s Touch
Category: Beauty/Fashion
Julene doesn’t really like to cook. “I have an awesome kitchen — I guess I thought I was going to spend a lot of time in it when we were designing the house — but I’m not a good cook without a recipe. I kind of need to follow the book.”

Diane Medley, managing partner of accounting firm Mountjoy Chilton Medley LLP
Category: Business Owner
Diane loves to read historical fiction and biographies. “I’m a lifelong learner, and the reading is a good therapy thing for me.”

Angela Parsons, principal of The Brown School
Category: Education
“I’ve always been a big reader. As a kid, anytime I would get any extra money I would buy books at the bookfair. I would also check books out at the library. I think that the school library was something that really kept me interested in reading and expanding my vocabulary and learning.”

Adrienne Holland, Adrienne & Co. Bakery and Cafe
Category: Food/Entertainment
“Success is not necessarily the amount of money that you have, for sure. I think true success is being at peace and happy with what you do, and having people around you that love you and whom you love.”

Angie Fenton, entertainment correspondent on WHAS-11 Great Day Live, editor-in-chief of Extol Magazine
Category: Media
As an entertainment correspondent, Angie has been in many unusual situations. “I’ve always been adventurous, and very rarely am I afraid of things.” The time she let a BMX bike rider jump over her head on live TV, however, Angie realized she could die if he hit her. “The adrenaline was rushing so much! When it was over I said, ‘It’s a great day to be alive!’ — because the show’s name is Great Day Live — then I went ‘bump-bump-bump’ and fell right off the ramp.”

Ellen Hesen, chief of staff for Louisville Metro Mayor Greg Fischer
Category: Political
She likes to boat. “I grew up going to a lake every weekend with my family. I’ve got a place on the river, and it’s nice to get out there and take a ride on a motor boat. I guess I get that need for speed sometimes.”

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