Ultimate Goal
I want to continue to increase my overall strength. My ultimate goal is enjoy the aging experience, learning to listen to my body and continue to push myself to be upright!

Pushing Yourself 
I remind myself how much I love feeling the right kind of tired. Before I got back into shape, I was tired a lot — the wrong tired. Now I have plenty of energy and I’m tired from pushing myself and I get to bed early and sleep really well.

I’m motivated when I look around that room full of all kinds of ages and body types and that “I belong” even if I don’t look like everyone else. I’m motivated by the young folks in class who encourage me to ‘keep up’, and by the older folks in class who reassure me that I have many more decades of active living!

What is your ultimate fitness goal? Comment and tell us your motivation and what pushes you to reach it. 

Photo by Melissa Donald