What are you planning for this weekend? Since it might snow some more, maybe it is time to cuddle up with a new book (read some favorites here and here). Or maybe you want to head out for fun — want to experiment with your hair — here’s how to get a great blowout and how to make tousled waves. Here are some great things to consider doing this weekend…

Learn how to move with the Stuart Pimsler Dance and Theater artists. Open to all of us!

Get more about the Louisville music scene.

The Ornish diet program to help your heart and get off blood pressure meds, and cholesterol meds. You can do it locally with the help of experts.

This food sounds incredible: Chocolate and BBQ and …

Make collage art of your pet — I love the way they are doing craft classes!

Trying to go Keto (you know, get rid of carbs?), I love this nutritionist’s site

If you are looking for fun right away — consider all the bacon and beverages for one price at the B3 Bash this weekend (and consider this festival for February — we interviewed the founder)

Or go to this play about the difficult road to self-acceptance that we all must travel.