By Alissa Hicks

Shelby Stephens is wearing: Dress available at Blu Boutique 12003 Shelbyville Rd #106, 502.384.8692, $230; Earrings available at Chartreuse Westport Village 1301 Herr Ln #152, 502.409.7082, $13; Bracelet available at Sunny Daize, 11809 Shelbyville Rd, 502.244.5580, $20; Handbag available at Blu Boutique, $89; Shoes available at Modern Elegance 3921 Chenoweth Square, 502.883.4721, $68; Hat by The Willow Tree, 657 S Hurstbourne Pkwy, 502.423.9822, $599.
Photo by Melissa Donald

Heading to the track? Planning your bag is just as important as planning your hat! Derby, Oaks, Thurby…a day at the track can be very long, and because your purse can only be so big, it’s imperative that you take the essentials. From my own experience and that of other women, I’ve put together a list of the five must-have items to pack in your purse on race day.

  1. Sunscreen – No one wants to have red, painful shoulders or a funny tan line from a day in the sun. If your hat doesn’t provide shade, a travel-size tube of sunscreen is key. (And if it’s not sunny that day, then remember to take a poncho if rain is in the forecast.)
  2. Advil/Tylenol – You never know when you might need a hit of pain reliever during a long day of drinking mint juleps and wearing cute shoes. Be conscious of saving space in that little bag: Just put a few tablets in a plastic baggie that you can easily fold up.
  3. Hair tie/Bobby pins – The weather in early May is unpredictable, so be sure to have something with you in case you need to pull back your hair or re-secure your fascinator.
  4. Cash/ID – Can’t head to Churchill without them. You’ll need these for betting and the mint juleps.
  5. Lipstick/Gloss – By the end of the day, your makeup might not be as glowing as when you started, but reapplying some lip color can instantly freshen up your look.

What is one product you always have in your purse when at the track?