By Jessica Alyea

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how we pulled off our emoji-themed Derby shoot (see it on page 78). Because so much of our lives are now captured and communicated through social media, we thought this theme would be relatable and just plain fun.

The location: Our Today’s Woman photo studio located in our office.

The day: February 16; there’s a heavy fog as we start the shoot about 10am.

The models: Our own editor Tiffany White and assistant editor Jessica Alyea were coerced into modeling this shoot. (We were glad we didn’t have to worry about showing our faces.)

The photographer: Today’s Woman photographer Melissa Donald

Interesting tidbit: It was harder than we anticipated to find the poses that would match each emoji’s expression. Once we finally figured out that our body language needed to coordinate with each emoji face, our shots looked much more complete.

Jessica and Tiffany grab a selfie before the shoot begins.
It tooks us several tries to get from this pose to the final (above) pose, which we thought better reflected the expressions of the emojis.
Photographer Melissa Donald shoots with her camera tethered to a computer monitor, where we can view photos as she takes them.
Jessica, who also does graphic design for the magazine, worked on these original Derby-themed emojis.