By Denise Cardwell

Model: Sara Michels; Photo: Kelley J Photography
Hair and Makeup: Denise Cardwell at Blades Salon & Spa

Denise Cardwell, makeup artist at Blades Salon and Spa and the master behind the makeup of many of our Today’s Woman photo shoots, shares her secrets to sweat-proofing your makeup.

1. Moisturize first thing out of the shower and allow 10 to 15 minutes to absorb into the skin.

2. I can’t say enough about using a face primer during the warm months. I use MAC face primer. It’s light, silky, and a great anchor to hold makeup in place.

3. Avoid oil-based foundations and opt for a silicone-based, long-wearing foundation. The silicone acts as a barrier to keep foundation from seeping into the pores. Also, make sure the foundation contains sun protection of no less than SPF 15.

4. For problem areas or blemishes, use a densely pigmented waterproof concealer.

5. This spring and summer, try a cream eyeshadow for a change. Why? Because powder plus sweat does not equal pretty. Read labels and look for waterproof and long-wearing formulas.

6. To avoid looking like a raccoon by lunchtime, make waterproof mascara and eyeliner your mantra.

7. Lips. Yes, again with the silicone. Silicone-based lip color, that is. Look for long-wearing formulas as this will also help to keep your lips hydrated.

8. Last but not least, use a finishing spray to set your makeup. This is extra insurance to guarantee all-day wear. My favorite is MAC Fix Spray.

All these tips are tried and true. I do a lot of makeup for bridal parties, seniors, and special events. So believe me, if things go wrong, I hear about it!

How do you keep your makeup looking good throughout day? What are some tips that work for you?