My Husband’s Best Friend is Hitting on Me

By Joyce OglesbyQ: “He has outwardly flirted with me even when my husband is present, but my husband is so trusting that he thinks he’s just being ‘friendly.’ Last month his friend showed up at my door while my husband was at work and stayed for a lengthy time. Since then, he has dropped in twice and made me feel very uncomfortable both times by touching my face, my arm, and my hand. Here is the big problem: this man is my husband’s lifelong friend. They have been best buddies since elementary school. They played [...]

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Just Ask Joyce: My Daughter is Dating a Dud

Q: “Our 18-year-old daughter has been involved with someone for almost three years, and we really don’t approve of him. I know everyone’s child is beautiful, but she is strikingly so. She could have anyone she wants! She’s also academically proficient and has been offered a full-ride scholarship to a well-known institution. The young man she’s seeing is almost 22, obtained his GED last month, has not had a job — ever, sits on the couch and plays video games all day and has anxiety issues. His parents continue to enable his laziness. Anytime he [...]

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Just Ask Joyce: Like Father, Like Son?

By Joyce Oglesby Q: His dad expects his mom to work, have his meals cooked and on the table when he walks in the door, make sure the house is clean at all times and laundry always done, wait on him, and never have an opinion. That’s not the kind of home I grew up in. We’ve been married only six months, and things have gone from bad to worse. Now I am four months pregnant. I don’t want to divorce him because I don’t want to be a single mom, but I don’t want [...]

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