Please Can I Have a Horse?

By Alissa Hicks Courtney with her horse, Awesome. Photos by Melissa Donald When she was growing up, Courtney Spiegel asked her parents every year for a pony for her birthday. She’d been riding since age 5, mostly doing show jumping and working with a trainer. She finally got her wish for her very own pony on her 14th birthday, though her new pet was larger than she’d anticipated. She was now the proud owner of a Thoroughbred horse appropriately named Awesome.“When I got Awesome, he was fresh off the racetrack,” Courtney says. “In his day, he [...]

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For the Love of Llamas

By Alissa Hicks Debi Sue Aven's 4-H club has turned into an fun educational experience for kids and adults.  Potter, one of her llamas, participates in competitions. Photos by Melissa Donald  For the past 17 years, Debi Sue Aven and her family have lived off a small winding road in Georgetown, Indiana, on a farm with the prettiest of green views. She and her husband, Mike, have three daughters and a son and seem to lead an ordinary life. What’s not so ordinary, though, is that they own, breed, and board llamas and alpacas. What’s even [...]

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She is Offering End of Life Comfort for Your Pet

By Alissa Hicks Dr. Bennett visits with Jackson, one of the dogs who receives care from her. "He is the sweetest boy and has the best mom. I see him every one to two weeks," she says. Photos by Melissa Donald Dr. Courtney Bennett is used to taking care of pets — it’s what she’s done since she was a high school student working part time at a veterinary clinic. But what she’s doing now not only helps pets but their owners as well. Originally from Pittsburgh, Dr. Bennett was taking care of her terminally [...]

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The Dogs Outnumber the People

By Alissa HicksCelia and Ryan Arnett with their three dogs, Lola Belle, Mika and Moose.Photos by Light Life Love  We all love our pets. They are our constant companions, household entertainment, and it’s no secret that we spoil them more often than we should. Celia Arnett, owner/ lead coordinator of Celia Ann Events and owner of three playful pups, can attest to this. We sat down and chatted with her about pet ownership and the joy these “furbabies” bring to her life.Celia and her husband Ryan have three dogs — Lola Belle, Mika, and Moose. [...]

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Ask the Vet: Spaying/Neutering Can Help Your Pet’s Behavior

By Alissa HicksDr. Greer says spaying or neutering your pet provides long-term benefits for their health. We all want the best for our pets, but do we always know the facts behind our choices for them? We caught up with Dr. Theenda L. Greer of Breckenridge Animal Hospital.Dr. Greer has worked with animals for more than 15 years. “I’ve always really enjoyed science and had a great love for animals,” she says. “I always seemed to want to help them all.” After receiving her veterinary degree from Auburn University, she lived in Chicago, Virginia, and Ohio [...]

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Spread some love to your pets this month

February is not just about sharing the love with the people we care about — it also happens to be National Pet Dental Month, and that fits in perfectly with our Pet category in our Show the Love contest! Send us your best photo of you and your pet(s), and you could win this fun and healthy pet basket for a dog or cat from Jefferson Animal Hospitals. The basket will include various pet dental care products, healthy treats, a discount on a full dental cleaning, and interactive toys.To enter, send us a photo by [...]

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