How Leftovers Can Change Your Life

One would be hard-pressed to find a woman whose Turning Point pivoted on a can of leftover paint. But Catherine Clore is that woman.By Lucy M. Pritchett Cathy lives in a historic farmhouse in Goshen that has been in her husband’s family since Kentucky was still part of Virginia. “The house was built in the 1830s and is made of bricks of the clay that came from the riverbank,” she says. “The wooden floors came from the trees on the land. The bricks were laid using no mortar but are held in place with mud, [...]

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She Thought She Would Be a Teacher, But Joined the FBI

By Lucy M. PritchettOne class changed Amy Wisotsky's career path. Photos: Melissa Donald  Not every Turning Point leads from the classroom to crime. Crime-solving, that is.Meet Amy Wisotsky, who thought she would become a teacher but ended up joining the FBI.       “I was the first in my family to go to college,” Amy says. “I grew up in Brooklyn, and it was just understood that I would go to Brooklyn College. At that time — this was in the ‘70s — a woman would choose to become a teacher or social worker. I [...]

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From Summer Camp to CEO

By Lucy M. PritchettSara Klein Wagner discovered her calling after going to camp for the first time at age 8. Photos by Patti HartogPerhaps you have fond memories of attending summer camp when you were younger. It was your first time away from home, and you learned to swim and weave lanyards. You sang songs around the campfire and maneuvered a canoe. You made new friends and whispered into the night in your cabin.Or, perhaps, as did Sara Klein Wagner, you found a career.       Sara is the new president and CEO of Jewish Community of [...]

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Susan Hershberg — The Risks She Took To Start Her Business

By Marie Bradby Customers can choose from plenty of desserts and pastries: Dobos torte, flourless chocolate torte with caramel icing, and a strawberry buttercream cake topped with dark chocolate ganache (center, front to back). The first five years in business for blue-chip caterer and restauranteur Susan Hershberg were really lean. Some of the thousands of followers she has built over the years might remember the first little place she had, Chef’s Choice on Frankfort Avenue, where a hundred people a day would crowd in for the food. It was 1988.“Because the menu changed all the time—which [...]

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