Model: Karen Crittendon 

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how we put together our Seven Days of Derby shoot (see it on page 18). We created seven scenes and outfits for the popular Derby events that lead up to the big race on May 7.

The location: Our Today’s Woman photo studio located in our office.

The day: This shoot took three different days to complete: February 18 and 19, and March 2.

The models: We found most of the women (and the two men) who modeled for this shoot at Thurby 2015. Denise Cardwell and Tiffany Baker of Blades Salon & Spa did hair and makeup.

The photographer: Today’s Woman photographer Melissa Donald

Interesting tidbit: Our Today’s Woman editorial staff created the backgrounds and gathered the props for each shot. Then, we sent the photos to illustrator Silvia Cabib, who works in Israel, regularly does our cover illustrations for Today’s Transitions magazine, and creates other original art we need. She added the illustrative elements to complete each shot.

Models: Sarah and Nathan Shanks 
Model: Jennifer Davis

Stylist Alissa Hicks, with assistance from her boyfriend, created the WineFest backdrop by using chalkboard paint on a large piece of wood. Assistant editor Jessica Alyea quickly hand-lettered the design on the morning of the shoot.

Model: Angela Horn 

Editor-in-chief Anita Oldham’s daughter Kayla Oldham crafted these pink Oaks lilies out of construction paper and sticks from her yard.