This professional writes dating profiles in her side business…
By Megan M. Seckman

Photos by Sunni Wigginton 

The future lies in the hands of the millennials. And if they are anything like Emily McGlawn, then we can all rest assured that our world will be steered with capable hands, heads, and hearts.

At 23, Emily holds a MBA from Webster University, owns her dream home in the Beechmont neighborhood, and is a full-time marketing coordinator for United Mail. And, she has started a side project as a dating service ghostwriter to help others make meaningful connections in the online dating world. Like most millennials, she utilizes technology to fulfill her needs — from fashion to role-playing to ultimately, love.

“I did a little freelancing for, and someone posted the need for a dating service ghostwriter,” Emily says. That’s how started. “My first client was a single dad, and this demographic has the lowest response rate. I wrote up a 450-word profile for him and managed his messages. He’s now in a serious relationship.”

Since then, Emily has been managing many clients’ profiles to maximize their dating potential. Crafting the ultimate profile that portrays the precise qualities and desires of a client is a talent in itself. “Most people struggle with writing about themselves,” Emily says. “There is a fine line between drafting a lame, boring bio or one that makes you appear arrogant.”

She also reviews the content on her clients’ profiles and guides them against posting any photos that would dissuade others from responding. “People post pictures of their children and their mothers — that is why people need my help,” she says, scrolling on her smartphone to show me a wealth of inappropriate (and borderline comical) photos people have posted on sites such as Tinder and (This is new turf for me.)

Emily uses online dating services herself to meet people between her work and activities. She’s a member of the Derby City Roller Girls and sword fights for the medieval role-playing organization The Society of Creative Anachronism, and she says, “When you’re in battle, you can’t hit on the guy next to you. I’m in full-on costume, so I have to meet partners elsewhere.”

Emily embraces a little one-on-one combat using her sword and shield. “The green animal on the shield is an alphyn,
which is a rare heraldry,” she says. 

Emily also uses the internet to create her wardrobe and to connect with her group of girlfriends, “The Suspend Bitches,” whom she met taking an aerial silks class.

But Emily does unplug from time to time. “I am very busy, so before I go on a date, I take a long walk with my dogs or exercise. It calms me down and soothes my anxiety from always being on the go.”

What She’s Wearing
Emily uses Gwynnie Bee, a subscription service for fashion sizes 10-plus. For a fee each month, she receives three outfits at a time. If she likes the outfits, she can keep them all month, or she can mail them back to receive something else. If she wants to purchase an outfit, she pays an additional fee at the end of the month. All postage and dry cleaning is covered in the monthly fee. “Because I’m in marketing, I like to keep up with other people’s campaigns,” Emily says. “That’s how I found Gwynnie Bee’s [site].”

Accessories She’s Wearing
“I always wear my fitness watch. I monitor my heart rate on a date, at the Roller Derby, and when sword fighting. I also monitor my sleep. If I’ve had under five hours of sleep, I won’t go on a date because I don’t think I will be thinking clearly.”

Emily stays on top of her health by wearing her Fitbit Blaze smartwatch day and night.

Product She’s Praising
“I use Lush’s Caca Rouge henna hair dye for my [red] hair. It lasts longer and makes my hair feel silky after I color it. And I use Cover FX powder from Sephora because it truly matches my skin color. There’s nothing worse than seeing a line under your chin in pictures from makeup that is the wrong color.”

Latest Purchase She’s Loving
“I recently bought a new dress and swimsuit from the Torrid Outlet in Simpsonville and some new wheels for my roller skates.”

Have you tried mixing technology with dating? We want to hear your favorite story or best advice in the comments. Also, this dating expert has two recommended books for singles.