By Megan M. Seckman

Wendy has an evolving wardrobe filled with bright, distinctive clothing. Photo by Sunni Wigginton

Wendy Saladino, professional interior designer at Tassels, is a self-proclaimed Southern girl. When I met her for coffee, she was clad in a periwinkle Kate Spade dress that was covered in a black cat pattern. With her giant pink (like Legally Blonde pink) diamond earrings and a black bow tied around her neck, she was a statement piece herself — nothing like the gray sweaters that surrounded us on that very gray morning.

Wendy attributes her sense of style to her Southern roots. “I like things feminine with a lot of color and pattern,” she says. “That’s my personality. Feminine with a touch of masculine, like this cat-patterned dress combined with a leather jacket or a pink patterned wallpaper with an oil painting of a soldier. In my own home and in my closet — well, closets,” she says with a laugh, “you won’t see a neutral. Pink is my neutral. I don’t own khaki.”

Accessories are the finishing touch.

This 44-year-old says she “never got over pink as a little girl” and fears the day her own daughter might. “I’ve been obsessed with clothes ever since I was a child. When I read the book Shopaholic, I could relate to the character. I purchase clothes and accessories because I love them, not because they are trendy. So I’m the wrong person to ask about what one thing I recommend or can’t live without. I want it all!”

Wendy uses a methodical approach when creating her outfits. 

Before I go… I put on my jewelry. I love accessories and never wear the same accessories two days in a row. I even switch out my purse every day.

Latest purchase she’s praising: I shop a lot…that’s hard, but I just bought an elephant-patterned Jules Reid dress with ruffles and a giant pink tassel necklace.

Fashion she’s wearing: Jules Reid and Kate Spade. I like name-brand mixed in with a piece from H&M.

Jewelry every woman should be wearing: All of it; just wear it! Accessorize because it finishes your outfit. Just like in design, it’s the lamps or the artwork…you’re not complete without it.

Beauty product she’s loving: I wear all Chanel makeup. I love lip gloss, but I wear makeup every day. Even to the pool, I’ve got to have my mascara on.