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Sweater, $100, available at Ann Taylor, 4206 Summit Plaza Dr., 502.339.0209; Poncho, $40 available at Old Navy, 4300 Town Center Dr. 502.425.1927
The turtleneck: It’s been seen in every decade and worn by every age group. Yet there is still some confusion on how to pull this look off. If you know how to wear a turtleneck and what to pair it with, this forgotten article of clothing might fit perfectly into your winter wardrobe. Plus, it definitely will keep you nice and warm when the temperatures start to drop. Here are a few tips on how to make a turtleneck sweater work this winter.
First of all, size matters! Picking out the right sweater size is important. If you feel the oversized chunky sweater look is best for you, pick one that still hangs in the right places. There is a fine line between looking fashionably slouchy and looking frumpy and swallowed.
Turtleneck, $25; Sweater, $80. Both available Loft, 4278 Summit Plaza Dr., 502.420.1793
Just like with your favorite little black dress, wearing all black layers is super chic. If you’re headed to the office, try a sleek black pencil skirt with a fitted black turtleneck. You can wear sheer or black tights to keep your legs covered. Or, try alternating this look with an oversized black turtleneck sweater (I can’t pass up a good chunky cable knit sweater!), leggings, and boots for a day-to-evening look.
Sweater, $40 available at Banana Republic, 4266 Summit Plaza Dr., 502.327.7169
Opt for a turtleneck sweater dress instead. If turtleneck sweaters remind you too much of the mom-jeans look, update the style by going for a sweater dress that you can wear with tights underneath or with a statement coat.
Sweater, $80 available at Nordstrom Rack, 4600 Shelbyville Rd., 502.899.4940
Add some femininity. The turtleneck sweater doesn’t always appear feminine, but you can easily make it look more so by pairing it with softer and daintier pieces. A-line flowy skirts and winter pastels are your best bets. This is especially helpful if you find knitted pieces too chunky and stiff or not girly enough for your liking. Play around with textures and color combinations. Layer up! To add some dimension to your look when wearing a turtleneck, bundle up by adding layers. A simple turtleneck sweater looks great under a warm poncho (trend alert!) or statement coat for a cozy-chic look. If the temps aren’t frigid enough yet, add a scarf. Of course, we love a good blanket scarf to add to any winter wardrobe.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]