By Megan S. Willman

Cabbage Patch Settlement House provides valuable services to help children and their families gain stability. 

Pamela Satterly worked as a summer staffer in the computer lab at Cabbage Patch Settlement House during the summer of 2008. Kids came into the lab to practice math facts, get treats, and play learning games on the computers. A 6-year-old boy came in every day wanting to play “the spelling game” and talk to Pamela. One day, he told Pamela he wanted…

…a hug. With tears in his eyes, he said he was really looking forward to hugs from his mom when she got out of jail.

Cabbage Patch relies on volunteers as part of their support system for the kids they serve. 

Pamela was hooked: kids like this boy are the reason she has stayed at Cabbage Patch. Today Pamela works as the programs volunteer coordinator at Cabbage Patch, where she continues to serve the young boys and girls who come through its doors.

Pamela’s first experience with the organization inspired her to become an advocate for children. 

Cabbage Patch Settlement House, 1413 S. 6th St., cares for more than 1,000 at-risk children annually by offering services such as counseling for family and children, educational opportunities, recreation, and youth development. For those in our community with a heart for helping children, Cabbage Patch offers a wealth of opportunity to get involved. Pamela describes a few of the possibilities:

  • Are you interested in coordinating fundraising events or donating to the cause? Cabbage Patch holds an annual golf invitational at Valhalla called “Putt for the Patch.”
  • Your donation can help replenish the food pantry. You may also consider hosting a food drive at your school or with your youth group.
  • Cabbage Patch seeks volunteers who are interested in building long-term relationships as mentors for the children. Tutors, particularly for math and science, are also greatly appreciated. (College students make terrific tutors — and role models!)
  • Cabbage Patch would like to begin a Birthday of the Month Club and is looking for an organization or a church who may be interested in sponsoring this endeavor. The monthly celebration would include birthday treats as well as games and fun with the kids.
  • Volunteers can adopt a family during the holidays.
  • Donate to the College Scholars program. This program does not just offer scholarships but also prepares students for college with ACT training, campus tours, and guidance for college preparedness. Many of the participants are first-generation college students, so this step-by-step training makes a tremendous difference by lowering debt, increasing the chance of graduation, and helping to break the cycle of poverty. Further strengthening the College Scholars program is the partnership with University of Kentucky, which provides scholarship dollars to Cabbage Patch members interested in attending UK.
Jamayle West, recreation and youth development specialist, spends some time with these Cabbage Patch members.  

For more detail about any of these volunteer opportunities, contact Pamela at or 502.753.4457. You can also check out