By Alissa Hicks

Mixing up a concoction of essential oils can help with a variety of minor health conditions including allergies.
Photos by Melissa Donald 

Mmm, the smells of invigorating peppermint, calming lavender, and zesty lemon…No, we’re not in the kitchen. We’re actually taking in the sweet aroma of essential oils, which are gaining attention right now as part of a growing demand for holistic medicine. Here’s what to know.

Essential oils are not FDA-approved as a drug, but Debbie Murray, a wellness advocate for doTerra brand oils, says she likes using essential oils instead of drugs for minor aches and pains. “In ancient times, this is what people used for medicine,” she says. “When modern medicine came about, people stopped using the oils, and now they are making a comeback. I use them because they work and I like them.”

The oils are naturally derived and extracted from plants, and the most commonly used types are lemon, lavender, and peppermint, Debbie says. While doTerra offers around 50 single oils and 20 blends, there are many options for mixing and using the oils for your exact needs. “Lemon is cleansing, while lavender is calming — I like to put a little on my wrist at night or even on my pillow to help calm me before I go to sleep,” Debbie says. “Peppermint is also popular because it is invigorating. It’s used a lot for an extra boost of energy, and it can even help with a fever.

“I also take two drops daily of a blend we have, called On Guard, which helps with boosting immunity. There is a mix for everything! You can take the oils orally. For example, mixing the peppermint, lemon, and lavender together in a shot of water helps tremendously with allergies,” she says.

Some juice bars around the city offer shots of oils for those who like to take them that way. “Many people like to rub the oils on the bottoms of their feet since it’s a porous area,” Debbie adds. “You can rub a few drops on your temples to help with headaches, on the back of your neck, lower back, joints, etc. The oils can also be used in a diffuser so you can breathe them in through the air. There are multiple ways to get the benefits depending on your personal preference.”

Are you using essential oils? Tell us how you are using them.