By Alissa Hicks

Photos by Melissa Donald

When it comes to planning your Derby look, it’s easy to focus only on your outfit, hat, or the right pair of shoes. But it’s also important to plan your hairstyle before the big day. Depending on the weather, your style of headpiece, and what makes you feel most comfortable, there are so many different looks you can try. Here are a few of our favorites.

Experiment with your hairstyle ahead of time. This way, you’ll get a feel for what will look best with your entire outfit, and most importantly, your hat or fascinator.

If you’re not into anything fancy or want a soft, pretty look, opt for wearing your hair down with loose curls or playful waves. Over our many years of styling hats and fascinators, we’ve found that adding extra body to your hair adds intrigue and texture that can emphasize your headpiece.

If you want your hair out of the way, try a side ponytail. Add some curl or waves to your hair and loosely tie it back, letting it drape over one shoulder. Pull out a few pieces to frame your face and give the look a laid-back feel. This style is great with a large hat.

Another out-of-the-way style is a low messy bun either in the back or to the side. A fun way to try this is to do a low ponytail, braid it all the way down, and then loop it into a bun secured by bobby pins.

On the same note, a braid or a funky fishtail braid such as these make for a playful, easy look.

Another simple and classic hairstyle is the Kate Middleton-inspired half-up look. Adding a little extra twist like Duchess Kate does works well with a fascinator.