Living Beyond Cancer: The 2021 Cancer Supplement

Oct 4, 2021 | Breast Cancer, Cancer, Pink Woman, Wellness

On the Cover: For Jo Mann, a diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer has fueled her interest in helping others in similar situations. Read more about Jo inside the October Cancer supplement.

In the annual October Cancer supplement by Today’s Woman, meet five women who prove that life doesn’t have to stop for cancer. Instead of giving up, they chose to move forward with grit and determination. Find out how they rose above the obstacles and emerged stronger than ever. Also, find words of encouragement and advice for how to cope with a cancer diagnosis for yourself or someone you love.

Celebrate life with our 9th annual Pink Woman photo shoot, as we continue to celebrate breast cancer survivors in various stages of their journeys. These women prove that strength, fortitude, and courage can keep you moving forward no matter what challenges life throws you. The Pink Woman photo shoot has become an annual tradition for many of these women — a special time when they forge new friendships, check in with longstanding ones, and lift up one another in their shared experiences. Thank you to all the women who attended! That is what true Sisterhood looks like.


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