Way to Go, Woman Winners: DeShara C. Doub

Sep 28, 2021 | Community, Way to Go Woman

One of the major ways I exemplify leadership in my work and personal life is recognizing when I have exhausted my capacity to lead effectively and subsequently take a rest. Many leaders are in a constant state of exhaustion and depletion, resulting in an inability to enjoy their personal joys and relationships,” says DeShara C. Doub, 33, winner in the Leadership category. Nominations were sent in by Today’s Woman readers.

The 2021 Way to Go Woman! honorees prove that they are inspired and inspiring others to make Kentuckiana a better place for all of us.

Making positive community change happen through activism, professionalism, entrepreneurial innovation, or leadership takes heart and hard work, and these women under age 40 have energy, enthusiasm and passion for everything they do.


DeShara C. Doub, 33

Job:  Founder/CEO/mental health practitioner, Vision of Promise LLC

From being an engaged student at the University of Louisville Kent School of Social Work to participating in Leadership Louisville to serving in various roles on alumni boards, DeShara C. Doub has long,focused on building her leadership skills, making connections with other leaders, and combining forces to make an even greater impact. “I am considered a servant leader, one that enters leadership positions in the spirit of serving the organizations, its members, and the community that benefits from its services,” she says. DeShara put the role of servant leader in action when she started Vision of Promise LLC, which provides mental health care services to young adults, protesters, activists, faith leaders and educators. 

Ignoring the naysayers
Three years ago, I decided to invest in myself and enter entrepreneurship. Many advised me not to, and some told me that it was not wise to do so because of the risk. When I realized that I was worth the risk and the investment, I fully committed to engaging in opportunities not afforded to me within traditional employment.

Speaking the truth
Leadership roles are naturally embedded with challenges, but I would narrow it down to roles that require collecting and reporting out on organizational/company leadership concerns and providing recommendations for changes. This is an extremely challenging position to be in because despite many organizations benefiting from having counsel/advising, giving critique and providing corrective action can be the area of great pushback. This is the area of leadership that is not desirable, nor glamorous, but a necessity to expand the mission and vision of organizations and companies.

Continuing growth
I am extremely excited to share my entrance into a doctoral program, in pursuit of a Ph.D in social work. I hope to expand my current work within social justice and advocacy while teaching on the collegiate level. I also have great hopes of expanding my private practice, to increase the reach of services to clients beyond the common socioeconomic boundaries.


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