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Sep 17, 2021 | Community, Explore Louisville

Be inspired by this artwork made of flowers — the Paintbox Garden in Jeffersonville, Indiana.

This month, we’re celebrating with Friday posts about some of the great places and activities in Louisville Metro & Southern Indiana. Check here each week and discover a new favorite place!

A Garden with Purpose

Tucked away from the busy street, but easily accessible by a path, the Paintbox Garden in Jeffersonville, Indiana, reveals itself in all its primary color glory. Tammy Burke, project manager of the Paintbox Garden, says the idea was to create the full color spectrum so that “eventually when these plants intermingle, they’re going to visually create secondary colors…” Garden designer Karen Bryant adds that she chose plants that will bloom most of the season, and the garden is designed with a pathway to take you inside “so that you can really immerse yourself in it.”

The Belle of Louisville is a steamboat from a bygone era.

Take a Boat Ride

Just because official time machines haven’t been invented, doesn’t mean you can’t take a quick trip back in time for the afternoon. The Belle of Louisville is a staple on the Ohio River with her two smoke stacks rising majestically and her paddles rhythmically churning the water behind her. Built in 1914, The Belle is the only steamboat left from a bygone era, and today she gives tours to her passengers. Traveling up and down the river, you can choose from monthly brunches, delectable dinners, or a vast array of sightseeing cruises.

Mickey’s is a haven for coffee lovers and book enthusiasts, located in New Albany, Indiana.

Brewing Something Nice

Do you like to indulge in a good book while sipping your cup of coffee? Look no further than Mickey’s in New Albany, Indiana — a combination coffee shop and used book store. Started by New Albany resident Mickey Ball, this coffee house is situated in a building built in the 1800’s and serves coffee and snacks from local roasters and bakeries. Book lovers tip: There are good reads available here for all ages. Kids and adults alike will have a great time searching for their favorite authors, and don’t forget the antique book section as well.


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