Kosair Charities Is Changing Kentucky & Southern Indiana

Sep 22, 2021 | Past Sponsored

Ainsley and other children with medical needs benefit from the money donated to Kosair Charities.

It doesn’t take too much imagination to picture what a loved one’s serious health condition could mean for a family’s finances, even with the benefit of health insurance.

Ainsley, a toddler who was born with a variety of complex medical conditions, including coronary artery disease, hypotonia, and a genetic disorder called megalencephaly-capillary malformation syndrome, has had more medical care and health care expenses in her short two years than some people have in their entire lifetimes.

“You never want to hear something is wrong with your child. We have been sad, mad, angry, anxious, and fearful of the unknown,” says Kelly, Ainsley’s mom. Kosair Charities understands that families with medically fragile children feel this range of emotions, and in response has created the Kosair Kids Financial Assistance Program to make positive change in Kentuckiana and ensure that children like Ainsley get the care they need while also minimizing the financial stress and strain of that care on families.

It was through this program that Ainsley was able to get a pediatric “Tomato Chair” for safe eating and playing, even though it was not covered by her family’s insurance. The program is easy to utilize and doesn’t add cumbersome restrictions. “We had a wonderful experience with the application process. It was very simple and painless,” Kelly says.

In the same way that Ainsley’s medical needs don’t wait, neither does the financial urgency of paying for medical care. In prior years, the Kosair Kids Financial Assistance program has been able to meet applicants’ needs, but for the first time since the program was begun, its budget has been met. In its last fiscal year, over $350,000 was provided in direct financial assistance.

To continue helping Ainsley and other children like her, Kosair Charities is relying on the generosity of donors to help Kosair Charities continue its mission. Every dollar raised will provide direct financial assistance to cover medical care, therapy, and equipment so that children like Ainsley can reach their potential.

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