The Best First Step for a Healthy Pregnancy

Jul 5, 2021 | Sponsored

Before you try to get pregnant, there are some important things you can do to give yourself the best chance of having a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. By planning ahead and making needed changes before you get pregnant, you are more likely to be prepared. This is why pre-pregnancy care and a healthy lifestyle are so important.

At Clark Just for Women Health Solutions, we recommend that once you decide you want to get pregnant, you should give us a call to schedule a pre-pregnancy checkup – the first step in planning a healthy pregnancy.

The goal of this checkup is to find out about anything that could affect your pregnancy. Identifying these things is important because the first 8 weeks of pregnancy is the time when major organs develop in a fetus.

During this visit, you and your obstetrician-gynecologist (ob-gyn) or other obstetric care provider will talk about:

  • your diet and lifestyle
  • your medical and family history
  • medications you take
  • past pregnancies

We will also review your vaccination history to be sure that you have had all the vaccines that are recommended for your age group. In addition, we’ll go over the risks of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and discuss how to protect yourself.

Again, once you decide you’d like to get pregnant, it’s good to come talk to us. We can help ease any nerves and look at what needs to be done prior to getting pregnant to help ensure a successful pregnancy. Call 812-280-7063 to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Tiffany Hannigan is an OB-GYN at Clark Just for Women Health Solutions.


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