Bowls of Fresh Goodness — Summery Salads

Jul 26, 2021 | Food, Living

Cool off with a refreshing salad from one of these three places.

Take a bite of this fruity concoction above from Gracious Plenty Catering & Carry-Out. Their strawberry and orange salad contains a spring mix, strawberries, orange slices, goat cheese, house-made candied walnuts and house-made apple cider vinaigrette. “The combination of fresh ingredients, the sweet and tart flavor from the vinaigrette, the creamy texture from the goat cheese and crunch of the walnuts makes this salad a top seller,” says Tina Burress, founder of Gracious Plenty Catering & Carry-Out.

LouVino’s ginger salad (above) will make your taste buds sing with its pickled carrots, sliced cucumber, roasted tomatoes and toasted sesame seeds topped with ginger dressing. You also have the option of adding chicken or salmon.

Pick up a made-to-order salad (above) from Green District with your choice of nearly 50 fresh ingredients and house-made dressings. The 502 salad includes chicken, sharp cheddar, red cabbage, carrots, grape tomatoes and jalapenos. It is topped with croutons, fried onions, ranch dressing and a barbeque drizzle. Or try their Hide and Go Greek salad with chicken, feta cheese, grape tomatoes, kalamata olives, banana peppers and red onions, topped with croutons.


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