2021 Education Award Honoree: Jasmine McFalls

Jul 22, 2021 | Education Awards, Today's Family Now

Jasmine McFalls, Owner, McFalls Academy LLC  |  Category: Education Administrator

This educator is introducing new methods of learning in an effort to improve the educational landscape for students. Find out how our 2021 Education Honorees are making their mark.

Jasmine McFalls, Owner
McFalls Academy LLC 
Category: Education Administrator

Jasmine McFalls stepped away from her job as a school teacher in Jefferson County Public Schools to open McFalls Academy – a private preschool because she wanted to provide students with a curriculum suited to their individualized needs. “I envision an education that helps them [students] reach their full potential and prepares them to go on to make a lasting impact on society,” she says. 

What she teaches: Core subjects taught at McFalls Academy include Social/Emotional Learning, Literacy, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. Social/Emotional Learning covers a wide range of topics such as Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social-Awareness, Problem-Solving, and Conflict/Resolution. We also discuss current topics like racism and stereotypes which are presented through a Christian worldview and in a developmentally appropriate manner.

Changes she hopes to see: It is time for education to focus on students and teachers. Although teachers spend the most time in the classrooms with students and have studied the related topics at the greatest depth, they are the most under-represented when it comes to making informed decisions as it pertains to educating our children.

It is often claimed that education across the United States is student-centered. Yet, our education system is still deeply rooted in money and politics. In a system that tosses around terms such as “differentiation,” the structure of the system still implies a “one size fits all approach” whereby students are expected to achieve the same exact standards at the same exact time. It is time to explore other options that uphold a healthy balance of individuality or personalized learning while ensuring the best foundation for life after graduation. Effective high-quality preparation will ensure that curriculum and instruction develop the whole child and present knowledge and skills through real-life contexts such as managing money and creating grocery lists.

Soft skills she values: Integrity, creativity, dependability and motivation.

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