2021 Education Award Honoree: Dr. Shervita West

Jul 28, 2021 | Education Awards, Today's Family Now

Dr. Shervita L. West, Elementary School Principal, Albert S. Brandeis Elementary (The STEAM School) | Category: School Leadership

Dr. Shervita L. West
Elementary School Principal, Albert S. Brandeis Elementary
(The STEAM School)
Category: School Leadership

Dr. Shervita L. West, who describes herself as a collaborative leader, believes utilizing a team approach is the best technique for helping students excel. “I am in the classroom when necessary to support students, and I am teaching staff daily. There is nothing I will not do to see my students be successful and to support my staff,” she says. Shervita says her decision to pursue a career in education comes from a desire “to change lives and inspire others.” 

Defining moment: Seeing students who were having a very difficult time have an “aha” moment. It’s the best feeling when you see they get it and can show you what they know. I love how excited they become about learning.

What students need now: Perseverance. It is important to teach our students how to face challenges head on and to fight for their understanding the classroom, by using their voice. As educators we have to create environments where this can happen. We have to give our students the platform to be heard and support them where they are. They have something meaningful to contribute.

Changes she hopes to see: Measuring progress by test scores.


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