Raising the Bar in Apartment Living

May 17, 2021 | Past Sponsored

Manasa Sagaram

Does living among interesting people make a person more interesting? It may not happen by osmosis, but it likely leads to unique conversations and connections that may inspire us to do more interesting things. The women in the City Club Apartments help make an already unique apartment hotel, experiential living community even better.


Manasa Sagaram left the mountains and deserts of Scottsdale, Arizona, in the summer of 2020 to come to University of Louisville Hospital, where she is a resident in internal medicine with a focus on gastroenterology (GI).

When she arrived in Louisville, she knew she wanted a home in the downtown area with amenities and nice views, and it is a bonus that she only has a five-minute drive to work. Because of COVID-19 shutdowns, she hasn’t been able to experience some of Louisville’s live theater or concerts, but now that she has been vaccinated, she has been exploring some of the neighborhoods surrounding downtown, including the Highlands and Nulu. Residents of the City Club Apartments, like Manasa, can take advantage of having restaurants like Brazeiros and Whiskey Dry under a mile away.

Maureen Bacon


Maureen Bacon recently retired from her role as general manager at Justin Graphics, and now she hopes to spend more time volunteering and celebrating the arts, which has been her passion for many years. “I have been the volunteer coordinator for Kentucky Shakespeare in Central Park for almost 10 years,” she says. She also works with the St. James Court Art Show and especially loved the St. James Scholarship program, which she led. “I buy a piece of artwork from the students every year,” she says.

As a performing artist fan, Maureen can visit CC’s Low Carb Kitchen, a restaurant in the lobby of the City Club Apartments, which hosts cabaret night one Friday a month. There is nothing better than taking a short elevator ride to see top-notch local performers.

Maureen Bacon loves that her apartment has plenty of space for her to display her art collection. The north view from the 26th floor is also a work of art in itself. “My great-grandbaby went to the window and said, ‘Gran, you have moved to New York City,’” Maureen says.

Dana Cosby (pictured with her son)


As the daughter of business owners, Dana Cosby saw firsthand the unique needs and relationships of entrepreneurs. She learned from those experience and became a corporate attorney in 1995. “I help set up companies. It’s pretty exciting to me,” she says. She now works as chief operating officer and general counsel for NIMBUS Inc., a marketing and strategic communications company she helped form.

After raising her two children and finding herself an empty nester, Dana is re-engaging herself as an advisor, coach, and mentor to entrepreneurs. “I realized I needed something to spur me, [and] downtown had the energy,” she says.

It is important to busy professionals like Dana that City Club Apartments offers AT&T FIBER internet in apartments, as well as complimentary WIFI in common meeting spaces. The areas are also funky and stylish, which can be just what a team needs to spark creative brainstorming or problem solving.

While she keeps her home in the suburbs, Dana Cosby needed a space that she could use to consult with clients and be social, such as in these common rooms. “Place matters for me psychologically,” she says. City Club Apartments was exactly what I needed.”

Emanuelle Wessels


When Emanuelle Wessels and her family moved to Louisville from Springfield, Missouri, in 2015, they had their teaching positions at Spalding University before they ever looked at City Club Apartments, but once they did, they saw it would be a good fit for them. “We were drawn to it being right down the street. We wanted to be in the heart of Louisville. That proximity to work was very much a bonus,” she says.

Busy working families enjoy many of the on-site amenities at City Club Apartments, which are a time saver. The 24/7 fitness center and outdoor yoga space might allow a parent to get some exercise in while their partner and child are enjoying the foosball or pool table in the Sky Club. Families that have pets find the pet-washing station super convenient (and even fun if Fido cooperates).

Part of Emanuelle Wessels’ enjoyment of City Club Apartments is about fun, especially for her 10-year-old son. “He loves the pool in the summertime and the amenities up on the Sky Club. As he’s gotten a little older, he’s had a good experience living in the heart of the city,” she says, including playing tennis at Central Park.

800 Tower City Club Apartments is an iconic building that raises the benchmark for apartment living in downtown Louisville, with a focus on advanced technology, Green Building Certification, and excellent customer service featuring exclusive resort class amenities. It is located at 800 S 4th St., Louisville, KY 40203.


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