Pull Up a Seat to the Table

May 4, 2021 | Healthy Choices

The right type of relationship can be a powerful force in our lives. In my experiences with people, I have realized relationships are centered around the three tables we commonly occupy: personal tables, professional tables and social tables.

At an early age, I understood the responsibility that comes with having a seat around a table — the significance of depositing into those while seated and being acutely aware of the importance of not withdrawing. These tables can influence a person’s perceptions of the world, the access you have or do not, whether it’s a one and done date or a love that lasts a lifetime, setbacks in your career or news of advancement, encouragement in parenting or feeling hopeless that you are not doing enough. Who shows up around the tables with you determines many outcomes that can make or break our spirit.

At Today’s Woman we’re focusing on the tables at which we sit and how they can fuel our souls, lift our spirits and lead to self discovery. We want to constantly explore how to positively impact these three tables and inspire you to be the catalyst to changing who sits around them. Our mission is to…

• Equip you to disassociate with people whose intentions are not to propel you forward.

• Help you become intentional with inviting into your life those who have diversity of thought and lived experiences.

• Help you to never leave a table you pull up a seat to the same way you found it.

Have you ever watched non-traditional relationships blossom and been intrigued? Have you ever wanted it for yourself? Maybe your fear and apprehension is keeping you from knowing where to start? At Today’s Woman, we are creating new ways for our sisters to connect. And as a reader and supporter,  we hope you will start the journey with us!  #WeSeeYouSis #TodaysSisters

P.S. JOIN THE LIST! Are you a founder or member of of a women’s empowerment group? We are creating a directory for these types of groups and would love to add yours. Send a note to us about your group to mediadesk@tbainandco.com.


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