Natural Childbirth: What to Know

May 13, 2021 | Past Sponsored

Dr. Shannon, Dr. Munsie, Dr. Russell, and Dr. Hannigan — OB-GYNs with Clark Just for Women Health Solutions — are here to support moms to achieve the birth experience they desire.  Photo submitted.

Hoping for a natural childbirth? These OBs can help.

The all-female team of OB-GYNs at Clark Just For Women Health Solutions see and support their patients from even before they’re pregnant through delivery.

“Once you decide you want to get pregnant, you should call,” says Dr. Tiffany Hannigan. “We can start preconception counseling, get people started on their prenatal vitamins, go through their health history, and see if there are things we can help with to make sure they have the best pregnancy possible.” 

If a woman is having difficulty getting pregnant, the Just For Women team can initiate fertility testing close to home. “We always have the option of referring to fertility specialists if the need may arise, but a lot of the initial workup we can do right here at Clark to help you start your family sooner,” says Dr. Katie Shannon.

As demand for natural or unmedicated births has risen in the last decades, Dr. Hannigan wants mothers to know that obstetricians are skilled in natural births. “A lot of times people get the misconception that we don’t do natural childbirth,” she says, “but we are well-versed in that.”

The Just For Women team is also equipped to care for older mothers and babies who may need special care, says Dr. Lori Munsie. “As more women are preparing for childbirth later in life, say in their 30s and 40s, we are seeing more complications arising with pregnancy. We collaborate with maternal-fetal medicine specialists at Norton Hospital to provide care so we can have a good healthy mom and good healthy baby.”


Learn more about how the Just For Women team can guide you from preconception through delivery.


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