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May 11, 2021 | Past Sponsored

Anthology of Louisville Care Manager Arthur Lovitz Jr. says a good sense of humor puts residents at ease.

Caregivers are the men and women who see seniors daily and are often the first to identify a health or behavioral issue and communicate it to nursing staff. They are also the ones who work to ensure seniors have a positive emotional experience every day. At Anthology of Louisville, Care Manager Arthur Lovitz Jr. takes his role very seriously.

What do you do in your role as a care manager?

I do the basic responsibilities such as bathing people and helping them get to the toilet. If they are in a wheelchair, I help transport them to activities or the dining room. I do their laundry and take vital signs. I look around for warning signs. If [residents] are a little off or not acting the way they usually do, I tell the nurses about it. 

What skills and traits are important for caregivers?

Having good skills about transferring them from a wheelchair to a chair or toilet and working with others to come up with a good plan for how to bathe and shower to make sure that it is as safe as possible. I listen to [residents] if they have concerns. Having a good sense of humor makes them feel more comfortable with you. Solving problems before they even come up, and knowing someone’s pattern allows you to anticipate [their needs].   

What steps do you take to relax and ensure you are an effective caregiver?

Sometimes I’ll just pray and that will have a calming effect on me. I take breaks, go outside and look at the sunshine. I’ll try to find humor in what I’m doing. Getting a good amount of sleep is always helpful.

How do your colleagues support you as a caregiver?

My colleagues listen when I’m having a bad day. I try to leave my home problems at home and bring a fresh attitude to work. But they are there to listen to me. They’ll answer call lights for me if I’m busy. If we’re having a difficult time with a resident, we’ll call on each other and say, ‘Hey, you think you can work with this person?” We give each other tips [on what residents like or what works with them].

Learn more about Anthology of Louisville, located at 1105 Dorsey Lane in Louisville, 502.493.6919.


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