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May 6, 2021 | Home Decor, Style

Tranquility is steps away at this Kentucky home overlooking Hunting Creek Golf Course.

Every home has a story, and every homeowner tells it in their own way, with choices made to establish the space as their own. It’s impossible not to feel the intention behind this outdoor oasis after stepping through the gate. Behind all the hustle and bustle inside the home and the daily tasks that keep our minds busy rests a covered porch defined with character. Even better, just beyond the porch is a view enticing one to slow down, even for just a day.

The walk onto the back patio opens an entire world where different angles leave the mind to wander in any given direction. Surrounded by a panoramic view of mature landscaping and the peaceful sounds of water flowing, this site is an incredible space to recharge and relax. The strikingly crafted stonework leading down the stairs of this handsome, stately outdoor space opens the view and is greeted with the perfect background sounds of nature on quiet days.

The home’s outdoor space provides plenty of options for small or large parties, family nights, and pool fun with the grandkids.

When the mood shifts, the design can also be transformed into the perfect set-up to entertain an intimate dinner party or a larger-scale event at a moment’s notice. The estate, built with functional class, illustrates a refined expansion of stylish sophistication. For the homeowners, the inspiration in building the spa-like terrace was twofold.

The picturesque view doubles as the perfect playground for the owner’s grandchildren and, of course, the grown-ups, as well. It’s easy to get lost with images of quiet family dinners, late night cocktail hours in front of the television or dessert and coffee after eating barbecue that’s been smoking on the grill for hours. With so much versatility on how to use the space, it offers a blank slate for any themed party.

This versatile outdoor space was perfected over time by a homeowner with “a great eye for design herself,” says Shane Pearson of Dwellings in St. Matthews. “Technically, the homeowner was the designer of the space. I was there to guide her opinions, accessories and colors and helped put all the pieces together. The goal was to modernize the space,” he says.

The outdoor table offers a perfect spot for dining with a tranquil view of the golf course. The outside decor is in neutral tones and can be matched with seasonal decor throughout the year, such as for Derby season.

The homeowner worked in collaboration with Dwellings and a few other businesses in town to bring her taste and tradition together. The elegant mosaic tile wall at the edge of the infinity pool was just the right improvement for this 15-year-old stunner. In addition to the update from Louisville Tile, the homeowners chose Summer Classics to furnish the outdoor area. The look of cozy, lazy days by the poolside was achieved with the clean lines and light colors. By choosing a blank canvas the homeowner leaves room to add pops of colors and touches of seasonal bliss if ever desired. Smart choices like these make any space timeless.

Booker Designs captured the sweetness of simplicity with their approach and mindfulness to easy lawn maintenance. They brought the landscaping to life and continued the theme of peace and serenity to the grounds. The Japanese Maple adds a deep hue of red next to the patio table set for two. The corner spot brings a sense of calmness where sunsets and sunrises can be adored on their rise or fall. The ease and beauty of the Azalea bush makes lawn maintenance a breeze. The shrub, a staple for most gardens, is a low-maintenance bush, offering a variety of colors that bloom in the spring year after year. The soft pink Peonies are a star on their own on or off the bush. The bloom of this perennial brings a richness when their fragrance hits the air. They’re also the perfect stemmed accessory in a favorite vase.

This Kentucky home wouldn’t be complete without mention of the iconic M.A. Hadley pottery resting on the edge of the view overlooking Hunting Creek Golf Course. The covered porch guarantees the party is on, come rain or shine, making this outdoor haven accessible year-round.

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