Defining Motherhood: Tabitha Wiafe

May 25, 2021 | Family

Originally from Ghana, Tabitha Wiafe is the mother of Tara, 18, and Teagan, 13.

Tabitha Wiafe
Mother of Tara, 18, and Teagan, 13
Designer/owner of Tabitha Creations Etsy store
Originally from Ghana

“Be a role model to your child. If you want them to have a balanced life, you do it first. If you want them to be open-minded, model that.”

Mothering traditions in your culture: I’ve carried with me the idea that we’re all responsible for each other and home management.

Motherhood means… the ability to raise a child, biological or not, in a way that she feels loved and cared for.

Advice for new moms: Do not forget to take care of yourself. The natural inclination is to give our all to the baby, so the new mom should be intentional about taking the time to care for herself. It’s good for everyone in the end.

Biggest surprise: How much the kiddos teach us about ourselves.

Motherhood turning point: For me, it was life after divorce. I became more myself, more assured and confident in my choices for both me and my girls. It’s been very liberating. I am content with the knowledge I have. I have enjoyed every bit of the learning process.

The most difficult part of mothering: My inability to “fix” the non-physical boo-boos. Be it difficult friendships or boy troubles, watching your child cry because she doesn’t fit in with her friends or because a boy she has a crush on did not acknowledge her birthday. I have read, listened to talks and podcasts, and gotten advice from like-minded friends to help me create the environment that makes them feel safe and free to talk to me about the littlest things.

Most valuable lesson: Let them see your wins and fails so they know that life is not perfect and you are not perfect but strive every day to live a fulfilling life.


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