Defining Motherhood: Sarah Shaheen

May 13, 2021 | Family

Sarah Shaheen, originally from Lebanon and full-time mother of 6-month-old Coste Cruz Mendoza.

Sarah Shaheen

Full-time mother of Coste Cruz Mendoza, 6 months Entrepreneur Originally from Lebanon

“Motherhood is one of the most powerful experiences life has offered me through the creation of a sacred bond that has given deeper meaning and purpose to my life.”

Mothering traditions in your culture: In the Lebanese culture, it’s customary that the mother and infant stay home for the first 40 days after birth. A delicious and comforting rice pudding called Meghli is offered to family and friends who come to meet the baby. Meghli is brown in color like the soil; it symbolizes rebirth.

Motherhood is… an opportunity for me to show up as my best self, trusting in my ability to guide and shape this little human.

Biggest surprises: I’m surprised at how natural I’ve become in my instincts to nurture and care for my son and surprised at how much more confident I am in my body post-pregnancy than before and at how wonderful three consecutive hours of sleep can feel.

How you deal with the most difficult aspects: The physicality of motherhood has been the most challenging part for me. I have a new level of respect for women now that I’m a mama and I’m amazed by their resilience and strength.

What it takes to raise children well: My hope is to teach our son to be a good, kind, and empathetic person. Walking the walk is crucial.

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