Defining Motherhood: Rama Tamimi Alsoufi

May 7, 2021 | Family

Rama Tamimi Alsoufi and daughters Rana, 18, May, 16, Dana, 9, and Shaza, 8.

Rama Tamimi Alsoufi

Mother of four daughters: Rana, 18, May, 16, Dana, 9, and Shaza, 8
Urban architect
Originally from Syria

“Everything about becoming a mom was a surprise, but especially how strong and thoughtful I became.”

Mothering traditions in your culture: As in most Middle Eastern cultures, in Damascus, moms are expected to give it all to their families. The priority is their home rather than their career. In our religion, Islam, moms are honored.

Arab moms show their affection with food … Arab moms are also amazing at cleaning; it’s more like an obsession to be honest. Arab moms are very generous and won’t hesitate to offer something you like on them as a gift.

Traditions you have embraced or altered: I embraced the idea of doing everything for everybody before my needs, but being surrounded by American friends, I have slightly changed that. I work out daily for 30 minutes. Before I had children, I took time to develop myself. I received a degree in urban architecture, then worked as an interior designer when we were living in Saudi Arabia and my older daughters were little.

As a family, we celebrate both American and the Arabic Mother’s Day on the first day of Spring. We also celebrate Christmas in addition to our religious holidays. We find happy times are always necessary these days.

Motherhood is… an honor, a holy duty, limitless giving and continuous support.

Advice for new moms: Take all the time you need before making the decision to have a child, because once you do, you will always come second, if not third or fourth!

Biggest surprises: How much one can love someone else. How much you can give someone all of you. How a simple smile or laugh can completely change your mood. How much laundry one can do in a week.


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