We Have a BIG Problem

Apr 19, 2021 | Past Sponsored

1 in 50 children were abused or neglected in KY in 2019*
1 in 68 children were abused or neglected in IN in 2019*

Dear Grown Ups,

I am a child at the park. I am your neighbor. I go to school with your children. And I need your help. Kentucky and Indiana have a big problem — child abuse.

Kentucky and Indiana rank first and 15th in the nation in cases of child abuse and neglect. You likely know a kid who needs help. Will you protect them by supporting Kosair Charities’ Child Abuse Prevention efforts?

The pandemic has been hard. Not being able to see our friends, having to wear a mask, and learning online aren’t easy. I am safe in my home, but not every child is so lucky. Some kids live with people who hurt them. Since we are not going to school or other activities, we aren’t seeing the adults who typically help watch over us. Child abuse reports have decreased by 29%** since the community shut down, and I am scared for what that means for my friends.

I hear grown-ups say raising kids is the hardest job of all, so we have to help each other. Will you check on your neighbors, learn signs of abuse and neglect, and support prevention efforts?

Your donation to the Kosair Charities Child Abuse Prevention Fund could provide funding to hundreds of non-profi t organizations who help protect kids like me, as well as doctors, nurses, forensic units, and so many others. These are the HELPERS who prevent, recognize, and report child abuse, as well as offer resources to parents and other caregivers. They need your help to continue this crucial work.

Will you stand up for kids like me and be the face that ends child abuse?


A child you know


* 2019 Child Maltreatment Report
** KY Department for Community Based Services:  Reports of suspected child abuse/neglect fell by 29% from March 1-June 30, 2019 to March 1-June 30, 2020.


Support the Kosair Charities Child Abuse Prevention Fund.


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