Delight in the (Derby) Details

Apr 16, 2021 | Derby, Fashion

Add these colorful, eclectic or equine accessories to your spring or Derby ensembles to make them pop.

1 Petal wave earrings, $32, Apricot Lane Boutique

2 Necklace, $210, Kentucky Derby Museum 

3 Necklace, $19, Work the Metal

4 Leopard earrings, $12, Work the Metal

5 Bracelet, $16,Work the Metal

6 Necklace, $19,Work the Metal

7 Pendant, $175, Kentucky Derby Museum 

8 Mint julep beaded earrings, $25, Apricot Lane Boutique

9 Mask, $12; necklace, $10; attach the necklace to the bands of the mask for a hands-free option.

10 Yellow drop earrings, $9, Work the Metal

11 Green beaded earrings, $20, Apricot Lane Boutique

12 Horse pendant, $135, Kentucky Derby Museum 

13 Rose pin, $68, Kentucky Derby Museum 

14 Bracelets, $20/each, Kentucky Derby Museum 

15 Running horse set (earrings and necklace), $14, Kentucky Derby Museum 

P.S. Check out accessories through the decades of Derby.


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