An Inspiration for Every Story of Strength: Jasna Pickett-Allison

Apr 15, 2021 | Derby, Fashion

Jasna Pickett-Allison

When Jasna Pickett-Allison experienced scalp sores and sensitivity, she was a single mom who couldn’t afford natural hair care products. Rather than simply deal with pain, she began problem-solving. “I would stay up for hours at a time on YouTube trying to figure out different recipes to put together,” she says. When she wasn’t working her two jobs and taking college classes, she spent time in her kitchen trying different recipes to create plant-based hair care products. “I didn’t have any intention of making this product a hair care line; it was just something for me and my daughter to use,” she says.

Jasna’s tinkering continued, though, and she developed tea rinses and butters. When the idea of launching a line of products to benefit other women came to mind, “I took product formulation classes. I need[ed] to make sure this stuff I’m doing is really legit. I don’t want it to ever mess anyone up,” she says. In 2018, she launched 10 products in her Jade Vines Natural Hair Care line, including shampoos, conditioners, serums, and scrubs.

Going out on a limb and taking a chance is scary, but Jasna knows this is where the magic happens. “Watch the feeling of being uncomfortable [because] that’s the moment you drive. You’re stepping into a place you’re not used to. Hit the gas and don’t let up,” she says. Jasna credits her daughter with giving her the motivation to work hard. “I wanted to prove to myself that I could be this amazing person for this little person,” she says.

Location: Speed Art Museum
Art piece: Some design elements attributed to Claude Audran III, French, before 1658-1734, Made at the Gobelins tapestry manufactory, Paris, “Flora and Zephyr” and “Atalanta and Hippomenes,” 1710-1720, Wool, silk.

Jasna is wearing: Dress, $40, Purse, $35, Necklace, $15, Earrings, $10, all available at Versona, 502.339.4740; Hat by Derby Revival, $211.

Art Direction: Anita Oldham  Hair: Krista Nenni   Makeup: Amber Himes

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