Artisan Tammie: Energetic Art

Mar 16, 2021 | Artisans, Career

“I don’t usually have a plan when I begin a piece, I just know color and use color as expression,” says Tammie Demessie.

Tammie Demessie hadn’t painted for 21 years when her sister asked for a favor. She wanted an original painting as a gift, but what Tammie didn’t realize was that her sister was giving the gift of art back to her, one brushstroke at a time.

Tammie had gone to Bible school instead of pursuing art after she graduated from high school in Gary, Indiana. She later found herself in a bad marriage that squelched her artistic side. But once her sister planted the seed of the painting, Tammie finally fell in love.

“When I first started painting, I was not confident. I couldn’t do still lifes or portraits, so I started playing around with abstract art. I didn’t really know anything about abstract art or the art world, but I did know that when I painted, I could focus my energy. I get lost in it. I put on my music and light my candles and things just happen,” Tammie explains about how her craft helps her adult ADHD.

Tammie has now painted almost daily for eight years. “I don’t usually have a plan when I begin a piece, I just know color and use color as expression. I am not schooled in art, so I am not bound by others’ influences. I have my own style and do what I like to do without any rules.”

Her giant abstract paintings have been featured in Norton’s Cancer Institute, E&S Gallery, and at Vincenzo’s restaurant. She met Vincenzo after missing the bus outside his restaurant one day, and this chance encounter helped Tammie fulfill her dream of being featured at a bonafide art opening, complete with wine and cheese.

Painting is her passion, and color, Tammie says, is an expression of life. “There is no box you can put it in.”

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