Artisan Courtney: Beautiful Tastes

Mar 27, 2021 | Artisans, Career

“…I took an aptitude test, and it said I should be a mechanic or carpenter. Now I get it. I make things,” says Courtney Yopp Norris.

From the palette to the palate, Courtney Yopp Norris’ creations are multi-sensory. Not only is her art appealing to the eye, it also tantalizes the nose, and is meant to be relished on the tongue. You see, Courtney is a cookie artist, and her business, The Pocket Bakery, which she started in 2018, marries her creative talents in the fields of baking, art, and business.

Courtney has always considered herself creative but never dreamed of turning cookie art into a thriving business. However, after taking a cookie decorating class with Preston Fouts of Sweet June Bakery, she started posting a few of her creations on social media. Within a month, she had so many requests for cookies that she realized she might just be on to something.

“In high school I took an aptitude test, and it said I should be a mechanic or carpenter. I thought, ‘What?!’ at the time, but now I get it. I make things. I’ve always loved to bake, and I have a background in communications [she previously was a press secretary for a senator], so this business just makes sense.”

From Derby dresses to pets to tiered cakes, The Pocket Bakery specializes in beautiful and delicious works of art. “My cookies aren’t just cute, they actually taste spectacular. I use lemon zest in the batter, and they aren’t overly sweet; they are balanced between sweet and tart. When you bite into this super-cute cookie, you aren’t disappointed. People send me pictures of their cookies a year later. They don’t eat them because they say they’re too pretty. No! They are meant to be eaten. You won’t regret it. That’s what pictures are for!”

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